We didnt get around in very good time this morning so we hurried through showers and breakfast. We did manage to meet a guy from the Bay area this morning over breakfast tho! So we had a lot to talk about and he gave us some ideas because he was just in France where we are going.

We took a bus to Bruges Station and got the train back to Brussels. Got lunch at the statio there and ran to our next train. Jalen thinks we are stressing him out by cutting it too close. We maybe are. I didnt realize there was security so I just hauled on through and they didnt bother stopping me but Morgan got nabbed. Trying to communicate with people here is funny and frustrating. They call bathrooms “the toilet” and it costs half a euro to use them anywhere basically. And its discouraged to pee publicly because you can get a fine. So we caught our train to Paris finally and it had plush red seats and tables and it went 180 mph mostly but up to 190. It was so smooth and things just whip by outside. The countryside on the way into Paris was green fields with trees bordering them and it was pretty flat but getting closer to Paris there were way more trees and it was a little hilly.

We arrived in Paris. Oh my. I wish my mom and fam were here with me. We checked into our hostel and dropped off our bags before getting lunch at the restaurant on the bottom floor of our hostel. Then we got on the metro and headed to le Eiffel Tower! The metro is always so crowded that you just squeeze on if you want a ride. We got to the Eiffel Tower at maybe 3 or so. My first thought was that the base was way bigger than I thought it would be and the tower itself was shorter. We stood in line a bit and got tickets to the top! Its cheaper if you take the stairs instead of the lift so we climbed the 714 stairs.(yes I with my lean and athletic physique also made it the 714 steps) to the second floor but any higher and you take a lift so we rode that to the top and view was ·amazing·. You can see for miles on all sides. We stuck our heads through the fencing which I suppose is discouraged but wow looking down was cool. I video called Mom, Madi and Dillon from the top so they could be there with me❤ and the guys called the siblings and folks too. We were up there for awhile and it got later so the city lights started coming on all over and that was a whole different kind of beauty. We came down and walked up to view it from farther away which was neat because it was lit up against the sky. Every hour they have a light show on the tower which basically makes it all sparkly.

Then we brought the metro back to the hostel and relaxed. Ate snacks. Drank water.

The fashion here is funny. Lots of girls wear tights with black combat boots with buckles and little berets on their heads. They wear quite heavy makeup especially lipstick. A lot of men wear brown shoes with skinny jeans with the hem rolled up on the pant legs. This is usually worn with tweed coats and scarfs.

The city from the Eiffel Tower we noticed is painted mostly white it looked like. It has way more cars and people than the other cities we’ve been so far and the streets are dirtier. It could just be the areas we’ve been in though. I can’t wait to see more tomorrow. Bonne nuit mon amours✌


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