el centro 》san diego

la jolla sea caves

Wee. Most days, Morgan and I look around and are like what are we even doing and how do we make decisions and why is time flying so fast? We never have an answer so we just ask ourselves the same question the next day. So our life goes on and meanwhile we’ve been married 3.5 years and its been a wonderful decision, albeit the decision making hasn’t got easier.

The 12th Morgan and I drove to LA for a job just outside of Compton. I doodled on my iPad and read “Stories of an African Vet” while Morgan cruised around surveying. The job didn’t take long, and after the it was done we grabbed lunch and drove out east to a little town close to the Mexico border called El Centro where Morgan had another job to do Saturday. We even drove through a little bit of snow over the pass between San Diego and El Centro which was a bonus to our trip. I hung out at the hotel part of the morning, and spent lunch eating tacos and the afternoon with Morgan. We didn’t realize before we got there, but the Blue Angels winter at an Air Force Base in El Centro and it happened to be their last day there, so they were putting on a little air show in the afternoon. Because of covid, they did the airshow just over the city so people were parked off the roads and around and we got to watch it too!

Last Sunday lunch we were privileged to eat Nigerian food at Gary&Rachel’s. Mom made us blue head coverings like the missionaries there wear so we could feel at one with them. This week we had Drew&Nicole over since they are out visiting and some other fine people joined us for supper too. We young couple girls had a get-together one morning which was delightful, and Morgan&I went to Dan’s one evening for suchhh good SmashBurgers. Mom flew out to Michigan on Tuesday, and Dillon&Renae and baby Max flew home Wednesday morning! I am so happy Mom is out spending some quality time with her first grandchild, but we are jealous! We are hoping to see them in not too long.

la jolla cove

This Thursday morning at 5 we left for San Diego where Morgan and the hired guy have another job, and it’s one I definitely wanted to go along! Its actually in La Jolla, about 20 minutes from Little Italy in San Diego.We got here around ten a.m. and I did some exploring around the area for a couple hours, beginning with the Parakeet Cafe which is the cutest place where I got sourdough toast with this vinaigrette and beet rings and avocado and chunked tomato on top. I also got a latte that was maybe a 6/10 and then ate ym food in front of this gorgeous Wall. I’m such a fan of neon branding so this place checked lots of boxes for me.

parakeet cafe

It started raining later on in the afternoon so I was at the hotel until supper. We drove into Little Italy and grabbed a couple tacos at Not Not Tacos for an appy and then shared a Pizza at an Italian place. Little Italy is a square close to the waterfront with lots of delicious food options and cool lights hanging all over and really tall palm trees. We watched planes fly in and listened to the conversations of people around us and discussed super important adult things.

Yesterday I cruised around on a scooter most of the day taking in the town. It was sunny and warm luckily, so I spent awhile at low tide sitting on rocks by the tide pools and watching the world’s of sea life in them which is on my top 10 list of things that bring my life joy. I tried another coffee shop in the afternoon called Brick and Bell where i had a good talk with the owner and had the best vanilla chai latte with oat milk that I’ve had ever. I went back into old Town san diego and walked the marina for awhile and watched the world go by until later in the afternoon when I Ubered back to the hotel. Morgan and I went for a burger and a pulled pork sandwich at this little foodie joint called The Promiscuous Fork and so ended the day.

Today the guys finished up job #1 and we drove to a little dinky town inland called Winchester where they are finishing job #2 currently. Then we have a six-hour drive home to my favorite little bus house. Sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like home yet after four months, but then we leave for a couple days and I start missing falling asleep with the moon shining through the skylight and then I realize it IS home and that’s h a p p y to me. I hope you all have a good weekend♡


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