Dublin, Ireland

Yesterday, March 17

We woke up and it was snowing outside which was so happy. But it was sorta late and the guys got breakfast downstairs while I got around. We were at the hostel for awhile in the morning because we didnt need to be at the airport until 2. We got the final Metro to the airport and had lunch at a pizza place.

One fun thing we did at the airport was stop and watch the Maarten Baas Real Time clock. If you ever get to Amsterdam Schipol Airport go to Lounge 2 and you will see it as well. Anyways the clock is hung from the ceiling and instead of two hands to tell time, there is a man that draws in the hands doe the time. Every minute he paints the hand on, then by the time hes finished drawing it he has to clean it off so he can draw the next minute on. We had debates on whether or not the man is real in the clock or if hes a video. I of course think it perfectly possible for people to take turns being in the clock. Morgan and Ja think its a video. I will let YOU read up on it here and find out who’s right. Wink wink. https://www.designboom.com/design/maarten-baas-real-time-schiphol-clock-airport-amsterdam-07-04-2016/

We got into Dublin at 5:30 ish and got a bus downtown in snow and 30* weather. It was hilarious. St. Patricks Day was still in full swing and there were crowds of people everywhere and all of them wearing green hats or a fake red beards or Ireland flags. Everyone was jolly and singing and those who had drank more than average were saying such funny things we overheard as we walked by. We ate supper at Eddy Rockets and warmed up. Then we walked around downtown Dublin awhile before making our way back to the airport. We camped on the comfy chairs overnight and fell asleep to the sounds of wind and snow.

Today, March 18

We woke up also to the sounds of wind and snow. We all crossed our fingers that our flights wouldn’t be cancelled or delayed and none of them were! Our plane left at 12:30 but with deicing and stuff we didn’t leave til 2. Our flight felt so so long. It was about 11 hours long and none of us could sleep really and we all just wanted to be home.

Jo&Kellie picked us up from the airport so another 2 hour drive and then…we were finally home at our little house surrounded by almond orchards. There are no grand medieval churches, or bumpy cobblestone streets, and the Eiffel Tower can’t be seen from my house but the feeling of having a little house that’s a home with someone you love is far more beautiful than anything else on this good earth. Its nice to be back with my alpaca blanket around me and my moccasins on my exhausted feet and a little pile of love mail to open from friends and family. Xo❤


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