amalfi coast

We all slept super great last night at our Hostel of the Sun in Naples. So much so, in fact, that we overslept this morning. In less than 10 minutes we were out of our hostel and running toward the bus station. We missed our bus but managed to get another one 25 minutes later and we headed toward the Amalfi Coast south of Naples. It was sunny today and warm and we were all excited to be able to fit a day trip to the Amalfi Coast in. We took a bus from Salerno along the coast to the end town of Amalfi.

It was an absolutely stunning bus ride with cliffs rising along the ocean and the curviest road I’ve ever been on. The road was mostly one lane with our bus driver honking before each curve and the cars quickly pulling over as far as they dared. Buses have right of way here apparently. Curve after sharp curve with the bus taking up the whole road on each curve and meeting cars and other buses was rather stressful. Some spots the cars were too close for the bus to move forward so 8 or 10 cars would each have to back up until their was room for the bus. It was impressive driving by the bus driver that’s for sure.

The amalfi coast is made up of several small towns set in the hills and cliffs on the coast of Italy along the Mediterranean. The water is greenish blue and very clear and the houses are mostly white in Amalfi so it was a stunning view. We foun(D) some rocks and sunned for awhile and admired the view. Then we walked into the town square and the guys found a gelato place of course so we relaxed abit there before shopping along the streets. Amalfi is known for its ceramics and mosaic style of dishes and there really were quite pretty cool ones. We took the bus back to Solerno and from there we took a train from Naples to Venice overnight. We definitely loved this day and were quite happy just relaxing in the sunshine! Definitely the most relaxed day we’ve had.


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