Last Saturday morning Morgan was at a 5K run that some of the school kids were running in. I went with Mathew and Jane to Coconut Divers where Mathew is starting to do odd jobs in exchange for free dives. He is 13 and starting his open water certification so I thought I’d go along and maybe dive in the morning since I haven’t yet. I talked to the owner, Gaye, and she stuck me with Mathew so the next 3 Saturdays I’m going to be diving in the Caribbean baby! I’ll be Open Water Certified then which means I can dive anywhere in the world without an instructor. I’m really excited to be doing it. Morgan says he’d rather fish! So Saturday I spent the day underwater and it was glorious. Its absolutely astounding how many little tiny pieces of the ocean that God put there. The tiniest piece of seaweed was actually a pipefish. On the ocean floor clinging to a small stone was a flamingo tongue snail. We saw a big rainbow parrot fish. I remember the book The Rainbow Fish that I loved reading when I was little and the parrot fish reminded me of that book for some reason. We finished the dives around 4 and I went home and slept!

Sunday morning we slept in and listened to Alex&Bethanys wedding. We had an early lunch before we all headed off to Bananarama for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and the water was clear. Some days its murky because of currents so I always hope when we’re there it will be clear and calm! Morgan and I went snorkeling just off the beach close to where we swim and actually saw a spotted eagle ray that we followed for awhile. They are beautiful. We also saw a four foot long “baby” reef shark! They are very rare to see on the west side of the island. We hadn’t seen either of those things yet so it was really neat to see them so close to where we swim! We met more people at crab races in the evening, lots of Canadians this time.

Tuesday the 13th we had a rough day at school with sad kiddos to hug and lots of science fair preparation. We got home and decided to go on a date and eat sushi. We got to Bambu and found out it was 2 for the price of 1 which we made use of! Wednesday after school we went to Eldons for groceries and made quesadillas for supper because it was too hot to make anything else. Except I made no bake cookies for the little neighbor boys quick because I feel bad for them. Thursday evening we were just home. It’s been more humid than usual I think and between that and science fair prep everyone is tired after school. I saw a cockroach run from under the fridge and we just watched it because maybe it will die in the heat while we watch haha.

Friday was finally science fair!! So much prep and the kids had to memorize the different parts and do their experiments for the judges that walked around. It went really well so Monday the winners will be announced. Grades 1 and 4 hopefully!

Saturday mathew and I went to the dive shop at 8 again to start our second day of diving. Sam had us watch 2 hours of videos and do quizzes before we went to the water to practice skills. Morgan came and had lunch with us and then went to rent a car after lunch. Mathew and I went on our dive in the afternoon. It was terribly windy so visibility was bad in the water and we had a bunch of skills to do on the surface in open water so that was crazy trying to fight the wind and currents and 3 foot waves the whole time. I thought I was going to get seasick but luckily didnt. It was a short dive so we didnt get to swin around and see much. We got back to the shop at 4 and morgan picked us up in the rental car.

This morning morgan and I went to Bean Crazy, this really cool little coffee place, for breakfast. Then we headed out in the car for the East end of the island! We called in Daniel and Sara’s wedding while we drove except when the service was spotty. It’s only a 35 mile long island but the road is dirt and curvy and sometimes wide enough for 5 cars and sometimes your mirrors hit weeds on both sides of the path. It took us about 2 hours to get to the end of the road and it was a neat drive! The farther east you go the less people and the more wild it gets. We stopped at a little tiny place over the water to eat lunch and drove through a couple little villages to look around. After we got home we went swimming in west end and then had supper here. The lady on our yard is raising money to take her baby to the specialist in san pedro sula so she made a bbq lunch and we had valerie buy them for us and put them in the fridge so we had that for supper! Listened into Pincher tonight which I miss dearly all the time. We come home in 13 days!! We are so excited and ready to be back in our house♡ also we are planning to go to Kansas the last week of September with Dillons and hopefully Mom so looking forward to that too! Have a good week!


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