voices of the quarantine.

And life goes on. That’s the craziest thing about this whole deal. While we all are sticking close to home, people’s birthdays and weddings pass and babies are born and the simple way of life becomes more like I’ve always felt like life should be lived. But also I miss when humanity didn’t shy away from each other. Places here in California are making you go back to your car if you don’t have a mask on which I’m not a fan of. I try really hard when I’m out with my mask on to wish people a good day or be friendly verbally since i’m not sure they can see if I’m smiling or not. I like that I have to make an effort to visit with them instead of giving them that tight, awkward smile while I quickly try to finish my purchase. Most people want to visit and I have yet to meet someone rude during this ordeal. I figure if I’m the only person they’ll have a real conversation with while they’re out of their house, there’s a lot riding on my shoulders. It’s a nice challenge that get’s me thinking about others instead of worrying about myself.

Yesterday Mom, Madi, Morgan and I went driving up in the mountains. We found our favorite dirt road yet, one that went way up into the pines and looked out over valleys and green pastures and snow-capped mountains. It was glorious. Thanks to the late rains, everything is still so green and the wildflowers are just bursting out of every place they can find. By the time we drove down the mountain, the California poppies were closing up for the day and the sunset was beauty and the sheep were going to sleep. I loved yesterday. P.S. the picture at the beginning is a poppy in front of Mt. Vesuvius and it’s the poppy I thought of while I was writing about California poppies. Even though it’s in Italy actually.

This week has been full of getting our books made and we’ve been swimming a few times. One day a week Mom and I try to make 5 or 6 meals of food and take them to different seniors in the community. That’s been enjoyable finding out where they all live and chatting with them through their front doors. Morgan, David, and Paul got a bunch of electrical work going in the bus on Saturday and we are narrowing down our fridge and sink choices so we can get them ordered. It’s so exciting! Last night we listened to Ben Duhm’s report on Mozambique so we could maybe get more light on the country where Dillon and Renae are currently sitting in their house. They’re sad they are just sitting and unable to be missionaries really. Today I went on a job with Morgan for a couple hours. It was nice to sit in the pickup and watch the cows while Morgan was out working and have some alone time since it’s hard to come by living with folks in law, my Mom, and Madison. I love it, don’t get me wrong:) We have had a few bonfires this week as well since the evening are so nice. Dad bought some tiny half-dollar sized turtles for the little pond/waterfall in the backyard so I’ve also spent an embarrassing amount of time standing by the pond looking for them. When we went to Isle Mujeras, Mexico, a couple years ago, Morgan and I went to a sea turtle sanctuary and absolutely fell in love with them so these here are a close second.

I’ve been pondering this week with some of my friends accepting new teaching positions or giving their answers for next year. If a school board member has a personal issue with a teacher, is it fair for him to pass on how he personally feels to the next school board? That teacher wanting to be hired wouldn’t stand a chance against the chairman’s viewpoint if it’s biased. I guess I’d always hoped for the fairness but I don’t think that’s always the case as i’m finding out now with different friends. It’s been a lesson not to believe everything I hear and hopefully, most school boards handle things with tact. Luckily, I have nothing but wonderful to say about my school boards over my six years of teaching!

So another thing I/Mom are excited about is our “Voices of the Quarantine” books we have up for sale. They are pretty basic but they are quite funny and hopefully you will like to read to see what people are eating (menu ideas ladies), hobbies they are trying, or things that help them continue with courage every day. My secret is lots of sunshine. So click here for my Etsy store where YOU can go buy a booklet. Feel free to share with your friends. If there is enough interest, we may do a second volume in the future:)Wishing you all a good week!


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