Last Sunday, us, John, and Levi drove up to the mountains. We stopped at the Dodge Ridge parking lot which is usually where we ski but there isn’t any snow left. It was rainy off and on but Levi made a fire anyways and Morgan cooked and we had this delicious damp breakfast around the fire. It was a top breakfast of 2020. Then we drove up to the summit of Sonora Pass. We weren’t sure it’d be open for the season yet but once we got farther up the gates were open so we were able to go to the summit. It was snowing at the top, just little icy pellets. We drove down a bit and stopped for lunch clear back in a meadow beside the river. The wind was in the pines and the river was rushing and the sunshine was so warm. Morgan made the best chicken fajitas I’ve probably ever had, Levi made beans, and John made guacamole. I explored a little and found these crazy looking “snow plants” which you can read about here. They are quite interesting.

Anyways, we drove back home and I just joyed in the blue sky and the fresh air and my favorite mustard sweater that was damp and the love of my life beside me. Also, we saw a beautiful brown bear scurry across the road while we were driving. We all managed to catch a glimpse of it as it headed up into the brush. Sunday was a happy day.

In other news, we had a thunderstorm here at Winton last Monday. With hail. Not even pea-sized, but it was still unusual for here. We also got a little rain and that means green can stay a little longer and I’m so thankful! Papa Rogers and Gene&Venora from Center were here for lunch Monday which was a treat. It was wonderful to see familiar people again. Venora actually taught me in home-ec when I was in 8th grade in Center so we go way back!One Tuesday I went with Morgan on a job by the Bay area. The man he’s working for has a bowing monk living on his property that’s taking care of these sacred cows and they are going to make some land into a sanctuary for them. Very interesting.

Last Saturday Morgan took me to the airport and I flew out to Michigan. It was a fairly normal experience to fly now. I had to wear my mask on both flights but the flight attendants werent necessarily really picky. I had an overnight layover in Charlotte, NC, so I Ubered to a hotel when I flew in. My little Uber guys were the BEST this trip. My first man moved from Egypt a year ago so we had a lengthy conversation about the pros and cons of traveling there and the safety and also discussed other places he had visited. He lived in an upper story apartment and could see the pyramids from his balcony and he said, ” If ever you get to see the pyramids, you will be small. You will be amazed. You will think to yourself that you can do anything after you see them. Because they are built to stand for two thousand years and they still are not fall. You will not understand how they could build such a monument so many years ago.” Of course I now want to visit Egypt since he gave me all the stats and info. My second Uber driver was an investor in the stock markets and is getting his doctoral degree in business in Phoenix. We had a big discussion about religion in that ride, and I was kind of disappointed to get to the airport and have to end the conversation.

Mom, Madison, Ann, and I drove up to the Upper Peninsula on Monday to Pictured Rocks and hiked around there abit. It stopped raining for us and Lake Superior was as beautiful as always. I miss the trees and the fresh water and the wild north. We waded around awhile and even found some petoskey stones! Tuesday we drove to close to Escanaba where Uncle Jeff and Rockie bring their cows for the summer so we got to see kind of what it’s like around that area. It sounds like a congregation may be starting to form up there. We also drove through Charlevoix because Mom had seen these “mushroom houses” one time and wanted to show us and they are crazy! Read about them here.

The rest of the week we’ve been busy with packing and finishing things up at moms house and being with friends in between. Madison and I went to Grand Rapids and picked up my Morgan and John yesterday afternoon. We had a delicious pizza night with the Breakfast Club courtesy of Ross+Cy and I realized again how much I value those people and also I tried to get them to move to California by us. Early this morning Morgan and John headed west on a covered wagon. One that says “Penske Moving” on the side. We will follow by air on Tuesday!

I’ve been happy and sad all week. Its exciting to have Mom and Madison moving by us, but it closes a big chapter here in Michigan. Dad is buried at Wildwood Church, Dillons arent here right now, and there are people here we can never repay for their kindness and love to us as a family. Morgan and I were married here and we have had some good times here. Leaving here feels like its cutting ties with my friends who have moved away, but who have family here that they come see at Christmases. It’s going to be harder to see those friends if we aren’t coming back here as much. So all in all, it’s exciting, but bittersweet.

Thanks for all your positive feedback about my last post. I don’t feel like I often write about issues that I feel strongly about, but when I do it’s good to hear your opinions on it. Wishing each of you a good weekend♡


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