actual picture of us most nights.

Thursday afternoon we had just left International Falls driving west and north towards the border when my phone buzzed and my test results came through. Morgan got his as well, and we were both negative so we felt it was an answered prayer that it all went smoothly. The border crossing was fine for us, the bus not so much. The border official was very helpful tho and we got it figured out pretty quickly so our bus is here on a visitor visa for a year, or we can import it any time.

We arrived in Steinbach area around the same time the rain and thunder did. Morgan and I are so happy to be where it rains, although everyone here was quick to assure is that this was the first rains in a longgg time. We got to Micahs in time for supper and spent the next several days there with them. Morgan worked on the bus doors and rode with Micah on the truck some, and Kandis and I and the girls did some shopping in Steinbach one day. Saturday afternoon we cruised in the bus over to Whitemouth area where we stopped first at Morgans cousin Renae&Jeff and toured their garden and produce stand. Then we stopped at Orlan&Krista where I sort of wanted to just drive the bus down their lawn to the river and live. We are sad they’re home from Kelowna because we won’t be near them now! For supper we went to Uncle Richard and Auntie Wanda’s beautiful fairy woods with paths lit with candles. It is the prettiest little place. I hadn’t met Cheyanne yet because she’d been in Ukraine last time we were here and she forfeited youth wedding supper and stayed around so we loved being with her. Uncle Jons and Jeffs and Micahs came for supper as well and we had a very fun evening and ended up back at Micahs again later for night. Sunday was spent at Rosewood congregation where Micahs attend, and we were at David&Bonnie for lunch and they are some stellar people. We love being with them. After church in the evening, Scot&Raquel and Savario&Alicia came over for night lunch and we loved that too. Such a good time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones!

We left Micahs early Monday morning and had a fairly uneventful drive over to Roblin. We stopped at Grandma Bronsons and saw her new apartment, then spent supper and night at Uncle Calvin & Auntie Roxine. We spent some hours cruising around with Kelson, Brittney, Leah, and Cory&Janae looking for moose and bears because we’ve heard they “see them all the time.” After a lot of bumping through fields and weeds, we had some proof there were living things because we’d seen some raccoons and deer but that was it. We can’t say Kelson didn’t try. We all went to Grandma Bronsons for lunch and then we headed out for Bredenbury. We were just abit down the road when Cory messaged and sure enough, a big black bear had just crossed the road in front of them. Ugh. So annoying.

Our time in Bredenbury was short and full. We made a stop to visit my Edmonton house papas, Harry&Millie, and a stop to see Christopher. It was so good to see them all again! Last time I saw Papas was at my Dad’s funeral I think, so it’s been awhile. We stopped at another Bronson cousin, Jill&Perry, and then went with them over to Uncle Myron & Auntie Twylas for supper. We had a lovely evening and scored some of Taylor’s coffee which we can’t wait to try ! Back to Perrys for night and breakfast with a stop at the local butcher shop on the way out.


Last night we found a campground in Saskatoon and stopped there for night. We had grand plans of butter chicken for supper but we are having an issue with our propane that we will have to fix before we use the stove apparently. Honestly I’m surprised more stuff hasn’t rattled apart on these Saskatchewan roads we’ve been forced to endure. So we rode bike into town along the river to Old Spaghetti Factory. We had a grand time riding bike this morning too, this time to an outdoor store. We are woefully unprepared for cool weather, which we have been in the last week, so Morgan found some gloves and I found the first Christmas gift to buy for the season 😀 we also got lattes at Venn Coffee and spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the bus, reading, and eating hummus. Now we are going to Value Village before we leave Saskatoon. We really liked the bike paths along the river here, and the murals painted all over the city.


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