new normal

back porch views

Well, school in Enderby has started, in case you were all wondering. Most of the days we’ve been here so far have been sunny with a few rainy days scattered here and there, which Morgan and I do not complain about. It’s a little greener than when we first arrived, and the trees have been changing slowly the last couple weeks or so. There is one particular maple, a green through the the middle and brilliant red around the edges that I admire every time we drive to Vernon. We have mostly spent our days at school, which I suppose is good since that’s what we have been hired to do. Last Saturday we hiked on the Enderby Cliff trail that’s right outside of town. Enderby sort of lies to the south of the Cliffs, not quite in their shadow. We have a beautiful view of them from our back porch so we eat supper outside and watch them turn pink in the sunset, that’s if we are home from school by the time the sun sets. We live in the bottom suite of Rodney&Adeline Esau’s house, and our door and windows have the most wonderful view. We are mostly settled into our place, and have the bus parked for now until we have a free weekend! Sometimes a doe and her fawn are eating in the neighbors lawn when we come home and we always accidentally scare them off. I lament often that we haven’t seen a bear yet, although we have had some close calls. Rosemary called us the other day so we left our supper cooking and drove to see the bear but it had already disappeared. We at least got to hear it making a racket in the woods so we know they do exist. People here see them all the time so I’m hopeful.

School is good. It sometimes feels like we are in our own little world there all day and we have no clue of outside happenings. There are 36 students. We teachers take our checking to the office after school and munch and grade and discuss our days. It’s quite fun. We probably have the best co-teachers. Their names are Rosemary Ratzlaff and Amy Penner. They both have good humor and wit and are experienced teachers to help with any problems we may have. I quite enjoy our conversations. Morgan loves teaching. His kids are really cool and seem full of life so that makes it more fun. My students are amazing, of course. I am kept busy learning the new games. Like why isn’t King’s Base the same in every congregation? Well, it’s not. And other games are called something else in the States but up here are a different name with the same rules. So by the end of the day my head is usually full of new information. Then there’s learning new songs, how hot lunch works, who gets the gym on rain days, and so on.

I turned 30 on the 27th which I guess I can tell you since it’s over. I was sort of dreading it but I’ve had such a tremendous 30 years that I’m becoming more accepting of the fact. There happens to be another girl with the same birthday here so there was a big party held for us. Campfires, volleyball, some stray fireworks, delicious discada, and new friends made for such a fun evening. I got some darling little gifts. Then, if that wasn’t all enough, I was given a note by my students that we were taking a class trip on Wednesday. So late Wednesday morning some Moms pulled up and hauled us over to Vernon to Davison Orchards. We had lunch after the rest of the Moms arrived, and Penny had brought me sushi:) then went on a “train ride”, picked out pumpkins, went through the gift shop, and sipped pumpkin lattes and cider. It was such a great fall outing. I missed fall when we lived in California so I’m glad it’s just taking it’s time and getting more beautiful here.

Wells Gray Provincial Park

For our fourth anniversary a couple weeks ago, we drove up to Wells Gray Provincial Park which was more wilderness than we had seen for a long time. We hiked to Bailey’s Chute and watched the salmon trying to jump up the falls which was so cool. I hadn’t seen that ever, I guess. It rained most of the day and we just loved it. It was almost like a rainforest in the woods while we hiked, with giant leafed plants and mist rising over the green forest and damp earth. It truly felt like an ancient place. We spent some time in Kamloops, shopping and eating sushi dreaming about our next four years and so we had a fun time.

This next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so we are trying to decide what we will do for our long weekend. There are so many options to choose from. So we have considered Vancouver, or driving somewhere up North. Enderby has been so awesome to us already. Like we have had invites all over and that has really helped us to feel at home and also to start figuring out which children belong to which parents and so on. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and please pray for us teachers of MVCS. xo cheyenne

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