life worthwhile.

I looked back at the messages Morgan and I had sent each other from our classrooms on May 26. They were about end of year gifts and field trips. We were on our way home from school early that day because we needed to go to the Enderby bank. That’s where we were when Jalen called us with the news Dad wasn’t breathing. We immediately drove up to Lance&Tasha’s with desperate prayers in our hearts. We had only been there for 15 minutes or so when we found out Dad was gone. Actually gone. Everything was a blur for awhile. The first thing Morgan and I did together is sat out on Lance’s deck. It was sunny with blue sky and puffy clouds. We couldn’t believe it. Our only Dad was gone. We had none left. Our children won’t have a Papa whenever we have Christmas or go visit family. For some reason, that is what really hit me. It still does. Dad Kevin was the Dad I had to replace my own. He was all I had left. And now Morgan had to go through the same darkness. I could hardly bear it. Soon so many of our dear people were at Lance’s with us, just helping with anything they could. Before we left that evening we had tickets, covid test appointments, substitute teachers, banana bread, and so much love. We flew into San Francisco the next day, which was supposed to have been Morgan’s field trip day. Levi picked us up and it all became more real to us. Due to different situations with the funeral home, the funeral wasn’t held until Monday, June 6th. Mom and Madison both came out which was so amazing. Morgan and I listened to memories and hugged lots of people over the course of 10 days.

Thursday after the funeral Morgan and I flew back to Enderby so we could be back in our classrooms for the 1/2 day on Friday. The program was Friday evening and we sang with our dear kiddos and hugged more people and ate popcorn. Morgan graduated his first ever Grade 9s and I was so proud. Saturday was PlayDay. Morgan’s class won the softball game vs. the Dads for the first time in 8 years. They said they were going to win it for Mr. Bronson and his Dad. Tears. We were so happy we had decided to go back for the weekend. It was an extreme high after 10 days of extreme lows. I told Morgan when we were in the Tim Horton’s drive through that if we got the wrong drinks, I felt like I would just weep because I couldn’t deal with anything anymore. haha. We went to Marshall&Janelle for coffee and talks Saturday evening. Sunday morning Lance&Tasha made crepes for breaky and we sat outside on the deck. A full circle. It was nice to make a good memory there again. We had lunch at Uncle Orlans with Kendall&Nicole and Rosemary before we left. A happy time out in the sun on the deck. Then we drove until we got to Othello Sunday evening where we had nachos and night at Tony&Tara.

Now we are in California. Today we fly to Skyler&Ann’s wedding in Durham. I get to be with my dear family and see some lovely people get married. Morgan and I even get to serve Bride’s Table. Wow. It’s like we’re young things in the youth again. We wedding the weekend away, and get to spend Monday with my family yet before we all leave. Tuesday Morgan, Madison, and I fly back to San Francisco. We don’t even leave the airport before it’s time to fly across the water to London. Yes. We are still going to wedding and Europe. It seemed dumb to cancel with Madison and Abe and Levi all riding on our shirt tails with us. Plus we think it will be good to be doing something we love with people we love. I plan to blog, hopefully every day, while we are in Europe. Last night we made more in depth plans with Levi and Abe while we ate pretzels and cheese Kandis had made.

Thank you so much. Each of you who reached out to me/Morgan during these times. We just had literally hundreds of messages and read through them all together while we drove. You all mean so much to us.


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  1. So many prayers ascending for y’all! We finally met Thee Famous Kevin Bronson at our school 50th in Walnut Hill, FL. It was impressive that he made the effort to attend and the stories he told then are still talked about! So sorry for your great loss.


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