Prague Day 1+2

Old Astronomy Clock

Thursday- I woke up early while we were still driving in Germany and it was beautiful with so many green trees and small rolling hills and wheat harvest happening here and there, although wheat harvest here looks alot different than it did in Central Kansas. For one thing, there weren’t two super shiny fixed up trucks sitting prettily facing the main highway. There are just a small combine and a wee truck out here but I guess they still can harvest. We got into Prague around noon and there happened to be a good ole Burger King at the bus station so we ate lunch there. They use czech koruna here for money and some places take euros but the moral of the story is, I had neither when I tried to use the washroom that required 1 euro. We found a little private room with a shared bathroom thats quite cheap. It has orange shag rug and little vintage floral pictures in frames that girls in the states would pay money for because they’re “in” right now. Luckily nobody else is in the other room so its just us. We relaxed at the house this afternoon and caught up on sleep. Morgan walked to a supermarket a couple minutes away and grabbed supper. Ovens here are weird so that took some time but we had $3 pizza and pepsi for supper. Supper of budget champions!

Friday- A good sleep. Then walked to the bus, took a tram, and arrived in Old Town Square. Everything here feels set back in time. Maybe the 90’s. Lots of older ladies wear floral dresses with open-toed shoes. We first watched the Prague Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. Its a beautiful clock from 1410 and is the oldest clock still in operation. It has a dial for the time and hands for the sun and moon positions. On the hour, doors open above the clock and the apostles walk around. It’s unique to say the least. More info👉

Roast duck, cabbage kraft, potato dumplings, bread

We ate lunch and what a meal it was! It was at a little Czech place and we ate outside in the dwindling sunshine. We had roast duck, which is becoming a very common meal here. At home it seems that duck is expensive and somewhat of a delicacy but we have had it several times here and we love it. We also got beef in cream sauce, another common dish here and equally delicious. It started raining after lunch so we got soaked walking through the rain and getting splashed by little cars. We found our way to the Church of Our Lady Victorious where we warmed up and also observed the wax figure of baby Jesus from 1638, said to have become famous by protecting Prague from the ravages of the war and the Plague. Anyways we dried off while we talked to a priest about Vancouver and then walked to a place called Mondieu where we had happy hour with cherry lemonade for a good hour. Then we went walking over the Charles Bridge, a medieval stone bridge from the 15th century. There were people drawing and a little four man band playing jazz when we walked across. We caught the train and stopped at a supermarket on the way home. Grocery shopping here is an experience, mainly because everything is in Czech, German, or Russian, and also since things like butter are in weird packaging. We found a package today that contained a crepe and apple slices. Gingerbread is a big thing here too so we bought some to try out, along with different pastries. We relaxed this evening at our place and had pesto spaghetti for supper. I’m excited because we’ve entered the phase of our trip that we are relaxing and doing lots of strolling up and down the cobblestone streets instead of rushing here and there for the next thing. We are just getting to know the city slowly and leaving tracts here and there as we go.

Some Notes: 1. Shout-out to Halstead Church for supplying us with several hundred tracts for our trip. Since we left directly from Kansas, we got some from church the night we were at Darvin&Diane’s for supper. So Halstead, your name is in London, Paris, and Prague so far! 2. We still haven’t figured out where people do laundry so we have just been using the bathroom sink. 3. The drinking straws here are so little. Like at home you can suck a strawberry through a Sonic straw. Here you can barely get drink through it. Maybe an exaggeration but you get the idea.


2 thoughts on “Prague Day 1+2

  1. Are you going to the old Jewish quarter? The cemetery with stone practically stacked on stone amazed me…. And the synagogue with all the names of the Holocaust victims written on the walls and being read aloud – it silenced me.


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