Cat Cafe

Tuesday- This morning we were heartbroken to hear the news of Taylor&Keelas child. They are special people to Morgans family and were just at Dads funeral and now we are grieving with them from over the water.

Heroes Square, Budapest

We packed up our clean laundry YAY and went for another good breaky before heading into the city with our packs for our final day here in Budapest. We went to a couple thrift stores this morning and wandered in there for awhile, and then Madi found a Cat Cafe so we sat and drank raspberry lemonade while the cats plodded around us and purred. Morgan took a walk rather:) For lunch we found a pizza place that made us think of Cyrus because his pizza is easily as delicious as this was! It rained while we ate and charged our phones so it was quite cozy. After lunch we went to the largest square in Budapest called Heroes Square which features a bunch of impressive statues of famous Hungarian chieftains that have impacted Hungary. We stopped for coffees on our way to the bus station, and our bus left for Zagreb, Croatia, at 6pm. I’ve been reading and watching the scenery which is tasseled cornfields and fields of sunflowers and tree rows. It’s beautiful here in Hungary, one of my favorite countries we’ve been to so far. Our border stops on the bus have been uneventful traveling through the EU but Croatia isn’t part of that so we had a 30minute passport check stop now. Our bus is pretty empty, and I can hear classical music that the driver is listening to and snatches of unknown languages in conversation around me. We have been steadily putting out tracts, quite a few in Budapest it seemed like, so we are going to run out soon. I was trying to carry too many with my phone today and I thought how tired I was of carrying them and I felt reproved immediately because it is something I can do and I was tired of doing it, like what in the world? I have just hoped that our head coverings and actions have shared of Jesus because it seems so small in these countries with sadness and fear that need Him. We arrived a little after 11 into Zagreb, and walked 5 minutes to our hotel.

Wednesday- We had a sleep in day and left the hotel at 11 for Verde Brunch and caffe where we had toast sandwiches which are really common here apparently. Also we had coffee while we sat under the umbrella outside. Its quite warm here today, some of the first actual heat we have had this trip and I haven’t minded the cooler weather! We went to a street market after brunch and looked at clothes and produce and fish. Now we are sitting in a gazebo eating ice cream cones after a failed thrift store attempt. There isnt a lot of things to do here so we’ve explored some of the city on foot and our bus leaves soon to take us to the coast, a tiny place close to Zadar. We are going to spend five days in our house 50 meters from the sea so you may not hear from me:)


Thursday- Now we are here at our house and have watched the sunset over the Adriatic Sea and just had chicken for supper. Morgan and I went for a swim this morning on our walk. The water is beautiful greens and blues and the shore is white pebbles. There are lots of white stucco houses with orange tile roofs and laundry fluttering from the little balconies. Its not commercialized like some of the Mexico beaches we’ve been to, and there are lots of locals at the beach. We walked a mile to Spar and got groceries for the next couple days. It was hot out so we had siesta hour and then we all went down and got cold drinks at a restaurant because our house doesn’t have ice or a freezer, unfortunately. We took a swim again this evening before supper when the people were fewer. When we walked home I could smell delicious things cooking in houses we passed. There are little vineyards in peoples yards and giant purple bushes blooming everywhere. We can hear the waves on the shore from our little balcony and its wonderful. I love this warm, been-in-the-sun-so-Im-gonna-sleep-good feeling after these days, so goodnight.


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