A Blog of Lists

After a busy month, California is in our rearview mirror and so is August. We have had good days with friends and tough days missing Dad and anticipating leaving here again. I’ve been packing and I’m into lists right now because they’re keeping my mind from insanity so I will be doing some listing today. First, some main events that have happened since getting back from Europe.

  • Skyler&Ann’s lovely reception at Ballico.
  • Michigan for 2 weeks with my family- trail rides, Lake Michigan, fishing, my wonderful family.
  • Kansas with Mom and Madison to help set up Mom’s classroom in Garden View.
  • Monday morning coffee group with Mom Yolanda.
  • Lunches and suppers and coffees with friends that are family. Uncle Evan’s, Jon’s, Dan’s, James’, Benny’s, Skyler’s, Jesse’s, Gary’s, Perrin’s to name a few.
  • Santa Cruz for a day with my honey.
  • D&D coffee shop on Saturdays.
  • Stops on travels at Tony&Tara, Darvin&Diane, and Mark&Melody.

Some things I see outside the Jeep window as we drive along that speak of California.

  • Oleander bushes blooming in the median in bursts of pink and white.
  • Rows of dusty almond trees baking in the sunshine.
  • A line of cars waiting in the In-n-Out drive thru.
  • Spindly palm trees standing out against the sky.
  • A neon sign proclaiming “extreme heat. conserve energy from 4-9 pm.”
  • Seedy taco trucks with plastic chairs and string lights.
  • Brake lights from the ever stop-and-go hwy 99 traffic.
  • A semi truck trailer loaded with piles of red tomatoes.

School started in California this week so Morgan and I stopped in and chatted with the teachers a couple times and checked out some of the classrooms. Since then, and because we are driving towards our own school year, I have been thinking of the top things/perks I enjoy as a teacher. actually, these ideas could also be for friends who are low, widows or ladies without a spouse to do these things for them, or busy moms.

  • Iced coffees after school. Or any drink really. You’d be surprised what an ice water would even do for me after some school days.
  • Meals that we can just heat up. Like these are perfect for taking back to the house to heat up or for warming up while you work late at school. And leftovers wouldn’t be shunned even.
  • Money. You might think the teachers just want another coffee mug but you’re probably wrong. Honestly sometimes we just want the cash to put in our “go home for Christmas” jar or to buy gas on the weekend.
  • Invites. Even if we say no because we’re exhausted and have been busy every evening that week, please don’t stop trying. It’s nice to know you’ve tried at least.
  • Snacks, obviously. If you left a sleeve of saltine crackers on our Enderby table we would eat them happily. It doesn’t have to be fresh that day or beautiful. We just like food.
  • Gift cards. It is so nice to know if you work late at school that you can just stop and grab food on your way home from the local Cafe. It’s also a nice bonus to get fuel cards that can help out your spring break or Thanksgiving trip.

We are driving straight thru the night so hopefully we will arrive to our little bus up on the mountain by early afternoon. It will be nice to be home. No big plans when we get back except to unpack our backpacks for the first time since May and drop some things off at school.

Also I need to tell you about this thing I received in the mail. I know other people around have got them also and they are neat. After Dad-in-law passed away, a group of my dear friends put together money and sent me a gift basket loaded with goodies. And now I am using my Harper&Jade minky blanket from the basket as we drive towards Canada. I have a card with all of your names on it so if you’re reading this, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Have a good Labor Day weekend. And a safe one.


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