Easter in my Eyes.

I’m hoping to start writing every other day or every couple days at least. I like the input and messages you’ve sent in reply to my questions and thoughts. We’ve had some more beauty days here in California. Our grass was so long since it rained while we were in Europe that we had Jon&Alicia come over and we had a yard day. Also no yard day is complete without pizza so we finished with that.

Nothing in my garden is new. I think something is slowly eating one of the cucumber plants but I cant find anything. What should I look for?? I expect instant results so I’ve spent a lot of time looking out my kitchen window and wandering the rows looking for any signs of green. Its really quite frustrating. I dug up an onion at the end of the row just to see if being underground for a week had done anything and it hadn’t.

I repotted my succulents and shenda gave me some cuttings off of her plants so I planted those today too. Its been 80* and sunny the last couple days so I’m hoping things start sprouting soon. Our orange trees are finishing up which is sad because I adore fresh orange juice for breakfast. Some good news is that working outside is starting to tan Birkenstock lines on my feet which is nice to see.

As its Easter season the Crucifixion story had been on my mind. Last night’s Good Friday service was incredible and has given me a lot of thoughts for the next weeks.

One that has stuck with me is the thought that each of us is Barabas. I am the guilty, the condemned, the sinner who deserves to die. And then in an unexpected turn of events, Jesus, beaten, mocked, and tormented, the Saviour of the world, has taken my place to die and I go free. I with my fears and trials and sins of earth go free while Jesus is left alone to the angry crowd to take my place. I am in awe as I am led to freedom, and as I turn back to see the Man hung upon the Cross meant to be mine. I go to the Hill where Jesus hangs on the Cross. I see Him take his last earthly breaths and darkness falls over the earth. Earthquakes send people fleeing, while some stand and marvel at the scene before them. I fall on my knees and weep. How can I not repent and accept the blood Jesus spilled just for me? I am Barabas. A sinner condemned, but a sinner freed by the blood of Jesus.

And then I picture the angels in Heaven. They know what is happening. With arms open and ready some of the angels hover near Jesus as He struggles to carry his Cross up the road. Their wings droop as they listen to the crowds screaming to crucify Him. The atmosphere is hushed with despair and sadness and the angels crowd neared the throne of God. And then as Jesus is crucified there are wails throughout Heaven. It cannot be! God’s only Son crucified for the sins of mankind!

I can only picture what my human mind allows but I guess this is where my thoughts have been. And it is impossible to fathom that I was pardoned by Jesus’ blood. Wishing you each a wonderful Easter.


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