I’m pleased. My mom has been visiting Morgan&I since last Sunday. She is the strongest, most creative, and most beautiful woman I know. She has a warrior heart, full of lost love and scars but full of pride too of her children and her life she’s made. She is my best friend and I miss her so much when she’s gone.

We had a fun week. We got lots of rain so my potatoes are up and my cucumbers are still hanging in there. No onions showing yet either. I guess I should google how long it usually takes them to sprout. I got some weeding done but not a lot else outside since mom and I were out running around.

On Wednesday Morgan had off so the three of us drove to Sequoia National Park which is a couple hours from here. The hills were green and full of purple lupines and yellow fiddlenecks. The dogwoods were in full bloom scattered throughout the pines and along the river. Between the hills snow covered mountains peaked through. We grabbed deli sandwiches and sat on a stone wall overlooking all these things. I would have been jealous if I had driven by and saw us sitting there barefoot with a darling view. We hiked a little ways down to “General Sherman” which happens to be the worlds largest tree. It was absolutely astounding. People standing next to it are so small. Its hard to get the right perspective on something that huge. Read interesting things about it here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Sherman_(tree) So it was super interesting and a beautiful outing with a quick fabric stop in Fresno on the way home.

Another night we made our famous Rockin K ribs, which of course brought back those sad but good memories of my dad babying those ribs on the grill when we lived at copeland. We’d have a houseful of dear friends over and what good memories we made and still think of. So we made them for new friends here and it was good to eat those baby back ribs again.

We also got out teacher preparatory class books figured out and ready. If youre a new teacher and heading to teachers prep, come see us in Pennsylvania the end of July🙌

My thoughts have been with the families of the Humboldt Broncos boys killed in Saskatchewan. Its something we all forget..but we have no promise of tomorrow. And may we each be thankful for our families and friends safe around us. Loving you all from cali❤


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