I cant even remember what I did at the beginning of the week. Laundry probably. Tuesday I cleaned and organized and washed floors and watered the gardens becauseeee…I found out that Morgan and Dad Kevin had to go to LA for a job for several days.

So Wednesday morning at 5 when Morgan and Dad left I left too and drove to Oregon to visit Uncle Marshalls. I stopped at the infamous Donner pass where the Donner immigrant party had to resort to cannibalism. It was a beautiful drive except from Winnemuca Nevada on. That was the worst road I’ve ever been on. Nothing for miles and miles. Not even scenery. I got to Uncle Marshalls in time for supper Wednesday evening.

So the rest of the week passed fast! We shopped vintage stores and spent a day in Boise and had good talks and familied and it was so good to be with comfortable people and relax. I went and looked at the school rooms of course…uncle M’s drove me around..we stopped at their church they’ve bought which is old and brick and had tons of cool little rooms. The countryside is so pretty there too. Its just starting to get green and the river is really full. Morgan didn’t get home til later Saturday so I was glad I had a couple days to spend there at Vale.

I left for Winton this morning. I took a different route home that took me by Mount Shasta and through more mountains and pine trees and my heart was so so happy. I came home to a vacuumed cleaned house which is so sweet and now I’m home in my little house with my best person.❤ I am going to start slowly working on name tags and school stuff for September and hopefully work in the yard this week too. Also I think my little chickies that aren’t very cute anymore come to their house soon!

Today my dear Grandpa Bob has been gone 1 year. 1 year anniversaries are tough. I didnt think my family would make it through the 1 year anniversary of Dad being gone. And now grandpa. I miss his gestures and laugh and how he squinted up his eyes when he laughed. He liked trains and teaching school and he adored each of us and dad and mom. It was so hard on him and hard to process when he heard dad had died. Grandpa just felt so bad. So tomorrow call your grandpa&grandma or hug them if you can. And your families. Love each second. Love to each of you…


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