Tuesday morning we went over and made breakfast for Jalen. I don’t know why. But folks were busy maybe and Morgan and Ja worked on Ja’s house so we just had breaky together before they got started. Morgan had fire meeting in the evening so I was at folks for supper.

I went to Modesto Wednesday to do some school shopping. I found a couple of vintage stores and a little teacher store and it was nice. Then i buzzed home and made my Mom’s BBQ chicken which is quick and easy. Also i bought some quinoa that i’m excited about trying because i haven’t really used it ever. If you have some good recipes you have used with quinoa then let me know!

Friday afternoon we went to folks and helped load catfish and frying stuff to take over to Grace Home. Grace Home Gift Day was this weekend and the main event deal was Friday evening. Folks were in charge of frying the catfish for supper so we helped them do that in the evening. Then there was an auction sale and a silent bake sale auction. Interesting evening since I don’t really know Livingston people. We decided to put our names down to host a bbq rib meal ticket supper so we’ll be doing that in June sometime!

Sunday at noon was our fifth Sunday lunch potluck. In the evening there was a service at Livingston where the Conference Care Committee gave several talks. I came home and wrote an essay because i was so inspired afterwards.

Morgan left and is gone with Dad to L.A. to work until Wednesday sometime so I’ve been filling my time with random stuff. My garden is doing so good. Except for the dumb cucumbers which i got mad at and uprooted because they weren’t growing. I’m gonna try to get some more and replant so that will hopefully solve the problem. The tomatoes are about a foot and a half high and the potatoes are doing good too. We are past the rain stage i think so I’ve been watering my garden and the plants around the house every day. We are soon going to be moving our chickens to our house. Morgan has been working on the chicken coop so it’s almost ready! Yay! Unfortunately while I was in Oregon I came across this darling little black wire pail for collecting eggs and I bought it immediately. Talk about counting your chicks before they hatch.

Another thing. A few days ago i froze yogurt in an ice cube tray and then used them to put little smoothie bags together. If you like smoothies this is the way to go. You can prep all at once and just grab a bag, add liquid, and blend. They are so handy! In each sandwich ziploc bag i put 2 cups spinach, 1 1/4 cup mixed fruit, and 2 frozen yogurt cubes. For the fruit I mostly used blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mango and banana. Freeze the bags and when you’re ready for a smoothie, add 1 cup of coconut water, almond milk, water, or regular milk. I use almond milk!

So have a safe and happy week my friends. love, chey


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  1. I like to make quinoa like rice pilaf. Melt butter in a pan and saute garlic, onion, carrot, celery, green pepper or any other veggies that you like, add quinoa, water, garlic salt, pepper, parsley or any other spices you like and cook like normal. Tasty and healthy and very filling.

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