Funny thing. Last week after I posted, Morgan and dad had to be away in L.A. for several days. So right after I posted that afternoon I quick packed 2 blankets and a pillow, stuff for chicken salad sandwiches in a cooler, and my swimsuit and drove the 2 hour drive to Capitola, which is right beside Santa Cruz. I parked on the public beach and slept with my windows cracked so I could hear the ocean 20 feet away. It was glorious. Tuesday morning I found this place called The Buttery that has delightful scones and quiche so I sat in front of the fireplace munching and reading on my kindle. Then I spent some time walking through shops in Capitola before driving through Santa Cruz. I spent awhile watching whales spouting from several places in town and then drove North on the 1 along the coast to a little beach that I had all to myself. Got home before supper and got stuff back in order.

My cousin arianna was here for a few days so thursday I met them at school for hot lunch. In the afternoon Ari and I went to merced and got drinks at Coffee Bandits. In the evening Morgan and I went to plan CE at Matt&Camis hoose.

Friday afternoon the Winton fire department that Morgan works on gave a presentation at school for the children. They had a fire truck and ambulance there, and got to watch the Riggs Air helicopter land. Then they divided into groups and all took turns going through each vehicle. Morgan put on his full outfit so they could see what itd look like if someone was coming to get them in a burning building At the end of the afternoon they watched the helicopter take off and then they all stood on the football field while the guys sprayed them with water from the truck. The kids absolutely loved it! Ari and I went swimming for awhile after that which was so beautiful.

Saturday we worked outside and relaxed. Got stuff and had 10 people for a cinco de mayo taco supper outside. Fun times per usual. Sunday we listened in to our cousin Jackie and Davons wedding..folks for lunch. The youth rally was this weekend at Ballico so church was slim Sunday eve.

This morning we went to a funeral at Ballico of our friends grandma. Morgan worked this afternoon and I got supper around. I tried this recipe for tomato spinach shrimp & other stuff pasta and it turned out really good. Served it with a tomato and cucumber mix in vinegar&oil. What are some quick healthy meals for your family? I got my little deals done to move around the job chart for next school year so that’s one thing accomplished!🎉

Cheers to another week friends🙌 c.b.


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