Last week Sunday I woke up sick with something so I was out of touch until Wednesday evening. I felt pretty good by then except for my coughing. Which it was good I felt a little better because….we had actually bought tickets a couple weeks ago to come to Michigan to surprise mom and Madi for their end of school program! So we packed up and had supper at folks before driving to Oakland and flying out at 11 pm. Ross picked us up in Detroit at 7 in the morning and we walked into moms classroom at around 10! We got a good scream out of her and happy tears from Madi. Spent the day around at school and the breakfast club came over for supper around the fire. I am so happy to be back in the land of lakes and green trees crowding the roads and the sunsets you can only find here in pure Michigan.

Friday morning we went with mom, Madi,and Ann garage saling and had mexican for lunch. Dillon&Nae had to work. Went to the program in the evening which was all about Michigan history and Michigan today. The best part was the moving assembly line for model t’s they had set up! After the program went to my cousin brennens grad party at Carson church fellowship hall.

Saturday morning we went to the Hearthstone for breakfast to see Renae cuz she had to work and then went to school for playday. Watched some games and had lunch. In the afternoon we went to the youth softball game. Cy made us pizza for supper on his grill at his place which was so good.

Sunday was our only whole day to spend together as a family so we went away to Lansing to a place called Creole for lunch which was amazing and you must go to if you get there. So we went to a pond and swam later and the guys fished awhile. We drove the Ranger around and maybe upset the neighbor. We’re not sure. In the evening we grilled burgers at Dillons and had supper with Shane and Kris while we called in the youth song service. The guys flew their drones and rc planes to entertain us.

Yesterday morning dillons hosted a Memorial Day breakfast at their house so everyone brought their food and cooked over fires and discs and we had such a good time with old friends. The breakfast club went swimming back at miningers pond for awhile later..then relaxed most of the day. Breakfast club brought pizza and we all had supper there at Dillons and Cy brought paper lanterns to set off. The guys had a trap shoot later that we watched. Great way to end the weekend❤

Today mom Madi and I brought Morgan to the airport in Detroit. We did some shopping on the way and then went to the Henry Ford museum. The limo that President JFK was assassinated in is the museum and the bus Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and sparked the civil rights movement is as well. We also saw the chair that President Lincoln was shot in.

Now my love is flying away home to California and I will stay here this week until Sunday. My sister is donating a kidney so we are leaving in the morning for Kansas City for a day of doctoring on Thursday. Please pray that they approve Madi and are able to go ahead and set a surgery date! I’m happy I’m able to spend a couple more days with my family before heading to Cali for the summer. Cheers!


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