Wednesday morning mom, madi and I left for kansas city. I hated to leave Michigan for any amount of time. Its a 10 hour drive from there to KC but it took us longer because we definitely made some stops. We hit a couple teacher stores and I got the rest of my stuff bought there. We got to KC in time for quick supper and then to the hotel. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express that is located right across from the University of Kansas hospital which is where Madi’s appointment was. Its a big hospital of course and it made me lonesome for my Edmonton unit days.

Thursday morning we were up early and went across to Madison’s appointment at 8. She first had labs done with 12 tubes of blood drawn and from there we sat in a room and several different involved people took turns coming in and visiting with madi. This day of appointments was made up of tests and talks with these different people to see if Madi is eligible to give her kidney. There are lots of criteria to meet in order to give so she met with the dietician, surgeon, nephrologist, and social worker. It was a long tedious process. They basically make sure she’s healthy with all levels good and that she has a support group and that she isnt being forced into giving her kidney. We had lunch partway through and madi finished up with CT scan and Xrays. We were through at the hospital by 4 and they will be letting madi know in 2 weeks if she is able to give. Please continue praying that things will work out for it all to go through. There are hurdles on both sides of the process! In the evening we did a little thrift shopping which is my favorite and had supper at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ which is in an old gas station and suchhhh good pulled pork. We were all super tired so we stayed another night there.

Friday morning we slept in a bit and then headed for I80 home. We had a pretty slow day. All of us were sort of drained from Thursday so we took it easy. We stopped in Des Moines and watched the D-Day Normandy imax which was something I’d really wanted to do since we had gone to Normandy on our trip to Europe! One of the most interesting and history filled things ive seen. It was so so cool to see places we had been and I was so impressed once again at the courage and complete acceptance those young boys had to fight on those beaches. You’ll probably keep hearing about europe because it was amazing. We left des moines and drove to Coralville and shopped for awhile and then met Grandpa Pete’s and Aunt Nada and boys for supper. Aunt Nada is driving grandpas out to Colorado so they can spend a couple weeks there. We were excited it worked out to meet them. After supper we had great intentions of driving the rest of the way home but we stopped and spend night outside of Chicago.

Saturday we finished driving home and spent the afternoon doing laundry and going through school stuff. I brought the rest of my school things back with me so I repacked too. In the evening we met Dillons at a lake and kayaked awhile and made supper over the fire. It was the perfect Michigan evening. Later we all went to Carson City for ice cream and to watch the Frontier Day fireworks which is always a big hit with the mennos. Haha.

Sunday we made dessert for lunch and I finished packing. We had lunch at Bryce&Shars with 45 other people to celebrate my cousin Amber Litwillers engagement to Quinton Isaac. Mom and Madi and I left around 3 and they took me to the airport. I hate goodbyes. I was tempted to miss my plane but I miss Morgan too much. He picked me up in Oakland in the evening. and I did have the happiest and best time with my family❤❤

Monday I slept and recuperated and did laundry and sweated to death in my house. We picked two 18-inch zucchinis from our garden and now that stuff is actually growing and we didn’t kill it I don’t even know what to do. Our tomato plants are huge and have good size green tomatoes on them as well.

Some days I may write something sad and dark because I feel that way when I’m lonely. I may write something optimistic and rosy. Some of you have said “oh chey. im reading your blog you have such a perfect life.” Oh my dear humans. I write positive things because i like to think I’m a positive person. I don’t write of the many days I am home by myself and wish for friends close. I don’t write of how I miss the safety of being with people who adore me and my humor. I dont write of all the times I feel alone while I sit in the pews of a new congregation where nobody really knows me. I don’t write of the terrible fear that comes to me sometimes that what if something happens to my family and I’m not there. As I fly away back to California I think of all these things. I love Morgan. And my house. And the people who are starting to love me in California. I’m thankful that we can travel and I can see my family sometimes. For each of YOU who text me and encourage me. “It takes awhile to fit in a new place chey”. Or “hey can you come for a fire later?” I like to think my loneliness will get better. Maybe you have advice those of you who marry and move far away to a new place. I want to hear it. I’ll make tea for myself and sit on my favorite chair while I read your wisdom.

A happy week to each of you darlings. Xo.


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