father’s day.

So last week was busy for us. Wednesday was HOT. I made zucchini bread, ice cream dessert, and our Rockin K bbq sauce. After Morgan got home we went to folks and borrowed some stuff for our meal ticket supper. Got the babyback ribs out to thaw. Mom Yolanda left Tuesday for Manitoba to visit Kandis a week. Dad Kevin and Kellie will leave Friday and then the 3 of them will all fly home next Tuesday.

Thursday I made potato salad and cleaned house. I spent awhile outside moving sprinklers around the yard and working in the garden. In the evening we went to our best mexican place for supper and then finished getting groceries. Morgan worked outside when we got home and i got the ribs ready to go for in the morning.

Friday morning i got the ribs on the smoker. Spent the rest of the day setting up tables and finishing up food. Tickets for our meal ticket supper were sold at Grace Home Gift Day. We sold 16 tickets and had 3 people as well so we were 21 people. I had never done a supper for that many people so I’m really glad it turned out well.

Saturday Morgan made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I finished cleaning up the kitchen from the supper and then relaxed. Morgan spent the day at the fire station running calls.

Sunday morning was church and we went to Uncle Todd & Aunt Val May’s house for lunch with some family. Father’s Day isn’t fun anymore and so far it hasn’t got any easier. I missed my family and home all day of course. And i thought lots about my Dad. He was so cool. I was so proud that he was part Navajo. He could play any sport and be good at it and would never get tired of fishing. I often wander what he would think of now, almost five years later. It makes me incredibly sad he will never know who we married or know Morgan or Renae. I miss him lots but on days where he should be celebrated it’s much harder. In the afternoon we left and drove through Sonoma Valley and decided to spend night in Petaluma. Our Airbnb didn’t end as planned so we spent night in a hotel there. For supper we went to this really cool food truck place. It has umbrellas over picnic tables and yard games for kids and string lights. The main place is wood fired pizza out of a sea can restaurant. There are two other food trucks that come and they vary every evening. This time there were wings and another truck serving some Caribbean type of food. We had pizza and it was delish.

Monday morning we found Acre Coffee which was in a minimalist building with insane breakfast sandwiches and REAL hot chocolate. Then we stopped at The Seed Bank which is essentially hundreds of kinds of odd or unique vegetable or flower seeds. Like multicolored popcorn. Or weird kinds of cantaloupe. It was really cool. Then we drove out to Bodega Bay. It’s really good for whale watching in season supposedly. It was sort of gray and cool but we walked out on the beach for abit. Left there and drove along the coast on the 1 and it was beautiful! Windy road with cliffs and sudden views of the ocean crashing on the rocks. We walked around in Reyes Station, a tiny cute town full of bicyclists and organic people. Ate lunch in Sausalito at Napa Valley Burger Co. which i previously mentioned in a post but will rave about again because its so good!! We left there and drove to downtown San Fran so Morgan could show me where he and Dad have been working. A tiny lot of pavement, 80×25, flanked on all sides by streets and tall apartments and buildings. They estimate it could sell for 4 million!! I believed it until i saw what a tiny spot of land it is haha. Then we drove around through ChinaTown and looked at the odd things in the windows and watched the homeless people sleep. Got home late and it was a wonderful weekend.

Today we slept in and then Morgan worked at Winton Cemetery on a job. I did laundry and organized the stuff we borrowed for our supper that we need to return to people! Made bbq chicken quesadillas for lunch since Morgan was close enough to come home. I always like those days:) This afternoon I got groceries at Target and came home and harvested 3 more big zuchinni and another bunch of tomatoes from our garden. John and Jo came for hamburgers and Settlers of Catan tonight and I made a cucumber tomato salad with all our tomatoes so that made me pretty happy.

I hope that all of you have a good week. I am so happy each of you are in my life and take care of my like you do. xoxoxo


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