I haven’t written for two weeks cuz we’ve been b.u.s.y. but ill hit the highlights. The afternoon of the Thursday the 21st we had two more couch surfers arrive at our house. We previously hosted two guys from Hungary several months ago. The people that came now were a 30 year old couple from Germany. Had good conversations and breakfast the next morning. Morgan headed for work at 8 and the couch surfers left around 11 so had a fun time getting to know them! Friday evening i went and helped make supper and serve at Vacation Bible School at Winton.

The 25th through 27th Morgan and Dad Kevin worked in LA so I spent those days cleaning house and working outside. On Wednesday afternoon my Grandpa Gary’s came from Edmonton to visit! Grandma Cathy is my mom’s birth mom. We have known them since 2000 and they are just part of our family. They spent a few days in San Francisco and then came down to spend some time with us. We relaxed Wednesday and caught up!

Grandpa Gary is an avid golfer so Thursday morning we had breakfast at Jantz Cafe and then drove out to Pebble Beach. We drove the 17 mile drive along the coast and it was beautiful as always. Then we drove to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey and sampled clam chowder until we found the perfect spot for supper which was clam chowder in a bread bowl and calamari.

Friday Morgan worked so I drove Grandpas around and showed them the church and different spots of coolness. We had taco truck for lunch and went out to Applebees with the family for supper.

Saturday morning we left early ish and drove up to Yosemite to show Grandpa’s the sights. It was so. full. of. people. But we had good views at glacier point and had a good drive. In the evening we had some of our friends over to Dad Kevin’s for salmon supper so Grandpa’s could get to meet some of the people we are with here.

Sunday morning we went to Crust and Crumb in Turlock for brunch before telling Grandpa’s goodbye. We had such a good time and it was too short as usual. In the evening we went to Ballico for their Bible School program.

Monday I stopped at dear jenns house for a little and ran errands and cleaned after neglecting my house all week. We went at 530 to school and helped folks fry catfish and hushpuppies for Joes birthday. The guys had a basketball game after supper and i unloaded a load of stuff at school. Today I spent working there and organizing my classroom. I think I’m getting new carpet so that’s awesome. We had lunch with Lenny and boys at La Sonrisa which was unplanned so that was cool. Morgan had fire meeting tonight so I was at school late too. Have a happy 4th!


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