road trip.

Last Sunday I called in my friend Aleeta&Chucks wedding and then drove out to Fresno again to see Morgan on his 24 hours off. We had lunch and hung out at the hotel for awhile and got coffees. The fire guys were all eating supper together so I left for home when they went for supper. I went and stayed night at folks’ house again where it was cool.

Monday I got my students supply list sent out and worked on sorting tests and quizzes at school. I mostly worked there and tried to finish stuff up so I could relax when I go to teachers prep.

Tuesday morning I worked outside feeding the chickens and watering the yard. We run water on our orange trees a lot and try to water around the house every other day at least. I’m still picking tomatoes and peppers from the garden but the zucchini plants overwhelmed and annoyed me equally so I let them die a slow death. In the afternoon Alicia and I went swimming at Hanna’s for a couple hours.

Wednesday I cleaned the house and bought a few groceries. Got a few more things finished up at school. It was a 24 off for Morgan so I could relax all day and know he was just sleeping and not in danger. On his last shift he had been sleeping on the ground and Tony Neese was in the fire truck and Tony had looked out and saw a skunk sniffing Morgan. He didn’t want Morgan to roll over or move suddenly so he tried waving his flashlight through the window but also he didn’t want to alarm the skunk either. So eventually the skunk had enough and wandered off much to everyone’s relief. Morgan was oblivious so it didn’t affect him at all! Folks got home late Tues night so I went there for supper Wednesday night with Joes and Calvin Dyck.

Thursday I spent the first part of the morning dealing with the bank because our account got hacked for the second time in a month! They said it was my card so they ordered a new one and I used it a couple times and suddenly our account was drained. So hopefully we’ll get refunded and I have anotherrrr card ordered. Such a pain. I worked at school again with a cherry limeade from Sonic to guide me and I got quite a lot done. In the evening I stopped at folks.

Friday morning I got stuff done quite early and left to go see Morgan. We were hoping he could take Friday to come home but he’s not allowed to leave. We went out for lunch to Doghouse Grille in Fresno which happens to have the best ranch ever to dip fries in. Spent awhile hanging out at the hotel and being with Trent, the guy from Merced Morgan is bunking with. He met his girlfriend through a free ice cream she gave him which is so cute. We had supper with Trent and Lane down in the hotel restaurant and then it was another goodbye to Morgan. I stopped at Dutch Bros and headed home. I went to folks’ for abit because Uncle Jon & Auntie Cynthias family is here visiting on a road trip so I stopped to say hi to them.

Saturday I did laundry and did last minute things at home. Then I went to folks’ because they had a Jamaican meal ticket supper so Joes and I helped with that. I went to James and jenns for alittle after I left folks and it was good therapy for my heart. I got home and packed and organized so the house would be ready for Morgan when he got home. Folks picked me up at 3 and took me to Oakland airport and I flew home to Detroit where mom and Madi picked me up and we went home for night. The breakfast club came over for cy’s pizza that is so yum. And we had dr pepper provided by bruce. Plus a honey torte madi made. Had such a fun evening back with my darling family.

This morning we left early to eat breakfast at the Hearthstone and then to the bank and now we are off and driving our way to Belleville Pennsylvania. Mom and I are teaching teacher prep there this week and madi is attending the middle class. It looks like it could rain and I want a coffee. We will get there tonite around 6 and have supper with everyone before we go to the teacher house for night.

Morgan got home this morning at 8 am which was 2 hours after I flew away so I’m without him another week due to unfortunate timing of fires and teacher duties. But he’s safe and home and I am so thankful for that and your prayers. Another firefighter died on that fire yesterday so the danger is too real. Time is short. Love your people hard and don’t forget Jesus. Xo chey


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