what an odd week this has been. Alicia and i went swimming at Stephs last Friday afternoon. In the evening we went out for supper with Jon&Alicia to Dust Bowl Brewery in Turlock. It is the yummest. Then we all went to the volleyball game for awhile.

Saturday was pretty relaxing. We met Brent&Katie and Donovan&Keri at Jantz Cafe for breakfast first thing.. We caught up at home and went for supper to Benny&Sharilees which was absolutely so fun. Unfortunately we had to leave early because Morgan was car usher for a wedding Sunday morning so Saturday night there was a meeting at church so we went over to that.

Sunday was Marcus&Megans wedding at Winton so I went late and brought my appointed chocolate cake and sat in the social hall where i listented because it was wonderfully cool in there. We had lunch there on the first setting even. Go us. Sunday afternoon Morgan was called on a strike team to go fight fires at the Ferguson Fire near Mariposa and Yosemite National Park. So within 15 minutes we had packed him up with gear and clothes and he was off. Sunday night Brents had some people over there for the evening so i went there and it was also a good time.

Monday morning I went to Teresa’s and picked out some fabric and took it to Mom in law’s. Aunt Theresa & Cheyenne and Aunt Maxine came and we cut out dresses for school for me and then they worked on sewing them. Got pizza here for lunch. I was at home in the afternoon.

Tuesday was ish. It was the FIVE year anniversary of Dad dying so of course I was sad. Morgan felt so bad he wasn’t home but hey it couldn’t be helped. I did hate being all alone tho. So Instead of sitting at home and being meepy i decided to drive up to Mariposa and check the fire situation out. I drove as far as I could past Mariposa until the road closed for the fire and then went out to the evacuation center the Red Cross had set up at a church. I helped do laundry there for awhile and then drove farther up to Awhanee which is where the base camp for the firefighters is. I didn’t think they’d let me in but i just asked directions to the kitchen and they waved me through so I drove back and then walked around and explored camp a little bit just to see what it was like. I filled up with gas and when i got back in the car my hair was full of ash and my head went into full stuffed sinus mode. The visibility up there was maybe 1/4 mile because of the smoke and everyone drove with headlights on. I cant imagine just living up in that! I came home and Joe’s and I went to folks for supper.

Wednesday i cleaned and watered gardens and talked to my chickens for lack of anything better to do. Then Morgan called and said they were able to get a hotel in Fresno for night instead of on the ground at camp. Morgan is up there with Lane Koehn and Tony Neese so Tony’s wife Chayla and I drove to Fresno and had an early supper with the guys at Cheesecake Factory! I was so excited to see Morgan alive. We spent a couple hours with them and then drove back home alone again. wahhhhh.

Thursday i was just at home. I went to Shenda’s in the evening for supper and then we went to Asip for some coffee. Pretty relaxing day.

Friday I paid bills. wee. In the evening we were invited to Chance&Charity for supper but since Morgan was gone I went by myself. It was such good food and company and we sang for awhile so i was super glad i’d decided to go.

This morning Hanna, Alicia, and I went out for breakfast. Then we decided to go to the Merced County Pound which was a huge mistake. The cutest cats and dogs possible were just waiting for me to adopt them. We spent awhile there eyeing the prospects and left empty handed sadly. I’m scared to get a dog because we don’t really have the schedule to train one right now and also if i got a couple cats I worry they’ll get eaten so hence no pets. Ja and I got tacos for supper since folks are gone over the weekend. I’ve been hanging out at folks’ house in the evenings because my house is so hot. So Morgan is working 24 hours on, 24 off. Usually it ends up being 30ish hours on though by the time they’ve refueled and ate and drove back to camp. Then its laundry and eating real food that isn’t tuna and crackers from a can and he sleeps and is up and back on the truck at 430 am. As of tonight, Saturday night, the fire was around 30,000 acres and 6% contained, down from 7% earlier this morning. One firefighter has died and four others injured. So keep Morgan in your prayers! I’m hoping i can see him again tomorrow but we’ll see. He doesn’t have cell service for the 24 hours he’s up in the mountains so that makes a long day for me. Anyways, hug your hubby and enjoy having him home:) xoxo


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