Last Wednesday I spent mostly working at school. Everything big is done but just lots of little things to finish up and organize. We went to folks for supper in the evening since us and Ja were going to be gone for the weekend.

Thursday I cleaned house, ran to the bank, and quick tried to work at school and finish things up. Morgan got home and then James&Jenn called so we went and met them for supper at Villas in Livingston. Then we happened to run into Charity and Tiff&Ty happened to be here visiting from Kansas! I worked with Tiff at Bethel Home back in the day so it was really rad to see her again. Went home and we packed the backpacks and then went to Lenny’s to hang out with tiff&ty and various Jantzs.

Friday morning at 4 we went to Levi’s house and left for Scio, Oregon. YAY! I tried to sleep most of the trip as Levi & Morgan are disgusting when they’re together. Uneventful drive mostly with some scenic views and definitely a lot of smoke farther up north in California where the big fire is slowly fizzling. We got to Mike&Sharon Jantz’s at 2 ish which are Levi’s uncles. Hung out there abit and then we HAD to see where John&Amberly live so we drove to their house and wandered around. Got back to Mikes and got ready for John&Amberly’s reception which was at 7. The people here were so so awesome and lots came up and met Morgan and I. After supper and reception we went with random people and drove to Newport on the coast to go “jetty fishing” which is apparently a thing here in Scio. It was super fun. You haul your stuff out on the rocks with the mist soaking into your hoodie moccasins and sliding on the wet rocks and finally get a good spot to brace in the dark and begin casting. They fished for sea bass and whatever else would take the bait. Some of them caught little ones and threw them back. I sat on the sand with my feet over the edge of a little cliff and watched the action from there. Got home at 4 in the morning.

Saturday we all slept in and us and Levi, Kat, and Anna went for lunch to Albany. We had a pretty relaxing day. The guys swam in the river I think. Some of the visiting family came to Mikes for supper so we had chicken gumbo and cornbread there. After supper a load of youth stopped in.

Sunday morning Morgan and I had breakfast at Brick & Mortar in Albany and it was so so good. Please go there. Then Morgan headed back to California. He had a job this week helping Uncle Galen haul a Boeing airplane to a place in Nevada so they left at 4 am Monday morning and will be home maybe Friday?..so I went thrift shopping and hiked a waterfall down by Eugene and then drove back to Scio. Mom, Madi, and Grandma Jul got to Scio at 8 or so in the evening. We unloaded Madi’s school stuff at school and then we spent night at the teacher house.

Monday through Wednesday we worked at school and stopped only to get coffees. haha. We are setting up Madi’s room here, then driving down to Winton and they will spend a few days with Morgan and I there. Grandma takes the train home Tuesday, and Mom and Madi fly out to Kansas City Tuesday as well. Madison has a pre op appointment Wednesday and the kidney transplant surgery is scheduled for August 24!! So exciting and also scary. She will be in the hospital a day or two, then spend the week with Mom there in KC close to the hospital. She has a post op appointment 5 days after surgery and if they see no issues she will fly out to California and stay with us a few days to recover before she goes to start teaching at Scio. So that is the current plan I guess! We are leaving for sweet home Winton Thursday morning and driving out along the Oregon coast. Yay because I get to see my hubby soon!

Have a safe week..and please remember those who are missing loved ones or awaiting recoveries. xo chey

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