so its been forever since i’ve written and we’ve been so so busy but i’ll try to just condense it and hit some of the highlights. Mom, Madison, Grandma, and I got home from Oregon on Friday, August 17th. We spent a couple days together eating Mexican food, shopping, and driving around. Monday Morgan drove us to Sonora which is a sweet little town in the mountains. We walked through the shops and had lunch and it was a very fun day. We left in time to get to my school enrollment in the evening.

Tuesday morning we went to the Turlock sale and found fabric. YAY. Then we took Grandma Jul to the Amtrak in Merced and she headed home. I am SO glad she got to come see my classroom and where we live!

Wednesday the 22nd school started for now you will probably hear school tales! The first half week went fast. Mom and Madison brought lunch to me a couple times and ate with me so that was neat. They made sure my house was clean and made supper while i was at school so i came home to a fresh house and i could sure get used to that! It seems like Mom’s food is just always better than anyone elses. I loved having a live in maid service. We did various things in the evenings. Madison’s surgery got postponed in KC so they cancelled their tickets and ended up spending more time here than planned which i loved! We were all so disappointed for Madison and Darvin though. Hopefully they can work it out there in KC soon so the surgery can go ahead.

Monday night we had Mediterranean food at Joe’s and went and watched basketball. Tuesday i took off school. We had such an amazing day and packed it full of happy memories. The four of us drove to Phil’s Fish Market on the coast and had seafood for lunch out on the beach where we could listen to the waves. It was sunny with a tiny breeze that made it feel like fall. We hit some thrift stores, had coffees in the sunshine at Verve, and walked out to the point where we watched for whales. Then we drove home so Morgan could make it to fire training. It was a perfect day.

Madi and Mom left early Wednesday morning, the 29th, for Portland where Madison dropped Mom at the plane and then she went back to Scio. Morgan left for an LA job with Dad so I was suddenly left alone after a very busy week and a half. Good thing I now have school to focus on.

Thursday night Drew and Nicole and various others of the wedding party came and sat by our fire. Morgan made me lasagna for supper which was so amazing and awesome to come home to since i didn’t get home until 6.

Saturday we went to choir practice at Winton in the morning and had lunch with Perrins after. We worked around home in the afternoon and I made ice cream dessert for Saturday night supper and cupcakes for Sunday. Our company Scot & Raquel Dueck from Manitoba got to our place around 530 so we headed to the Saturday night supper at Ballico church shortly after. We went to ball for abit after the supper. I had sort of a sad day wishing i was with all my dear friends at Tiff&Matt’s wedding in Basin.

Sunday morning Morgan and Scot went to folks to help do tri-tip for the wedding lunch and Raquel and I went later and had breakfast. Drew and Nic’s wedding was beauty of course with gold mason jars set on brown paper with eucalyptus and dahlias and the occasional rose in them. After lunch Morgan and i left and went to Monterey. We had supper at Il Viccio which was INSANE pasta and had mismatched wooden chairs and tables and a barn wood wall. Monday i had off school of course so we relaxed in Monterey. We went out and watched tide pools for awhile which is my best thing to do because they’re so full of weird things and this time there were so many tiny crabs just scuttling around and sea anemone hanging on for dear life and the occasional little fish and also snails and seaweed and abandoned shells. It was overcast and cloudy and cool which we both loved but the sky and sea met on the horizon and made it look even more misty than normal. We drove around and shopped abit and had lunch on the wharf and it was clam chowder of course because i just adore that stuff. Got home late afternoon and Morgan packed again and left with Dad to another job in LA until at least Thursday. We had such a relaxing time after being so busy all month!

Today I’m back at school to my darling class of 5th graders who are so kiddish but also sometimes have grown up thoughts and questions. It’s entertaining. I will likely post pictures of art projects, etc. here because i do have other teachers following this. I have school to keep me busy but it doesn’t keep me from missing my family so much, and they’ve only been gone a week. Madison and Mom’s schools both started today. Morgan and I are already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas and spring break because we like to travel haha so if you need me im likely researching where we should go next. have a great week dears. xo. chey


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