Another 10 days gone. We got home at 3 in the morning the 24th from KC. Morgan slept off his Cambodia and KC trips on Thursday and I was at school, of course. Friday evening we happened upon some meal tickets to a hot dog roast at Dean and Torey’s so we spent a relaxing evening there around the fire with friends.

Saturday morning was a work day at Benny&Sharilee’s. They recently bought a house that needs quite a bit of work so a crowd of people went there early Saturday. I slept in and regained sanity and then pulled “that” move and showed up just in time for lunch at Benny’s. haha. In the evening we went to Jesse&Tia’s barn for the annual fall supper for couples and youth. Soup was on the menu; beef stew, sweet potato and peanut, and white chili to name a few. After supper there was a skit and we all sang off the projector for awhile. I always love harvest suppers!

Sunday we were invited to Michael&Valerie for lunch which was so awesome! I have their son Logan in my class so its always cool to get to my students houses during the year.

Wednesday there was no school so we teachers could prepare for the school meeting taking place Wednesday evening-Friday noon at our school. After a busy day we had supper with everyone arriving at church. Abby Schmidt, who I taught with at Grant, NE, and Scott Boeckner, a good friend, stayed nights at our house. Scott actually was the adventurer and stayed nights in the vanagon on our yard! It’s been getting pretty cool during the night but he apparently survived. Thursday was school meeting all day. Shawn & Bernice were here from Grant and it was so fun to see parents of dear former students! In the evening there was an open meeting and the school kids had two songs. I must say I wasn’t mad, just disappointed at their apparent stage fright or lost voices. I felt like it was mostly teachers singing and students being terrified. Shawn Becker had a tremendous talk “What is Your Why?” Milton Giesbrecht gave the example of us grilling a steak and seasoning with garlic and rosemary to make a delicious food but the next morning when we make pancakes, we don’t use garlic and rosemary because itd taste bad. He likened it to the point that each child/teacher is different and you cant have the same expectations for each one. You have to find out about them and accept the different “seasonings”.

Friday at noon we all had lunch at church and everyone went their separate ways. We went out to ASIP coffee with Abby and Scott before we left. Later afternoon Morgan and I left for San Francisco to pick up Madison! YES she actually decided to come here for a couple days and recuperate before heading back to Oregon. We ate supper at this amazing burger place that rivals Five Guys actually. If you need a cheap place to eat near Pier 39, definitely consider this! We spent night at a hotel with a beautiful view of the bridges and Pier 39.

Saturday morning we walked to Pier 39 and grabbed breakfast before walking to the Ski and Snowboard Swap. Morgan got a new coat and some goggles. We walked around there awhile and went to Pier 39 for a lunch of clam chowder. We’d brought a wheelchair so Madi rode around because she still isn’t feeling that good and is still in some pain. I will admit we didnt let her health affect our picking on her. Haha. In the evening we went out for thai food with Ja and got coffees.

Monday&Tuesday madi slept and relaxed at the house. Wednesday evening we took her to the plane in San Fran. Or we tried I should say. Got to San Fran only to discover she flew from Oakland 🙄 we managed to get her to the right airport in time though! My school kids drew names for our class Christmas do they’re pretty pumped. We have a busy month ahead of us with Christmas program planning, parent Christmas supper, my family coming for Thanksgiving in two weeks, and various other projects. My class is putting on a Christmas supper for their parent gift this year so the decoration committee is deciding a theme and various other committees are also virtuously organizing. They cant wait!

How do other wives teaching school (or any other full time job) deal with the busyness? It seems like I have no spare time for buying friends birthday gifts or baking muffins for a new mom or making that favorite meal of Morgans or any of the virtuous things I feel obligated to do as a wife and teacher. Maybe someone has some good time management tips or ideas to make my life less hectic. It’s pretty organized which seems odd because it’s so hectic. I know its confusing. Since this blog is definitely honest why quit now…So since I started teaching I’ve felt like a really poor wife and friend just because my time is so filled with school which I DO love! When I do get a free hour I want to spend it selfishly writing or drawing or sleeping so how do I find the balance

Anyways. Have a happy week full of that thing called courage that occasionally escapes us in those discouraging times. Chey


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