Of course I’m like a record that keeps saying I’m busy but it’s too true. Last week got sort of long with Morgan away so I’ll list some highlights if I can remember. Saturday the 13th I went to San Francisco to a street food festival. It was sunny with a cool breeze from the bay and so much street food. Tacos, Haitian food, crepes, smoothies, desserts, bbq. I tried different stuff that was all so good. And there were many people wandering around eating and it was truly relaxing. Then I drove around and checked out a recycled goods place and a bakery.

I cleaned house, fed chickens, did laundry, taught school, and tried to get stuff at school ready for a substitute teacher. Thursday was national chocolate cupcake day so one of my students brought cupcakes for the class. I’d made some I was going to bring but I took them Friday instead. For art we had a scavenger hunt around the school yard.

Saturday evening was the school fundraiser at school. They served chili and cinnamon rolls, veggies, and had a coffee and tea bar along with cookies. They also had a sweet treat place set up with cotton candy and candied apples and different things that make children full of frenzied sugar energy. There was a program with singing after supper so the school had a couple songs. And, since this is california, we had the evening outside and it was beautiful and not windy. After the program I left for San Francisco. I flew out at midnight for Kansas City and got in there Sunday at 10. Mom flew in at noon and we grabbed lunch and went to the hotel since Madison didn’t get in until midnight. Mom had booked the hotel for us right across the street from KU Hospital so it was very handy to be able to walk 10 minutes and be where we needed.

Monday aunt nada, tori, dillon’s, and Bruce’s arrived along with Darvins and most of their family so we all went for supper to Red Robin. Our crowd mostly relaxed and tried to catch up on some sleep.

Tuesday morning at 5 we were up and downstairs at the hotel ready to walk over to the hospital. Madi went into surgery around 8 and came out of recovery later in the afternoon. Since we were such a big crowd the nurses gave us a big private waiting room and that’s where we spent most of the day. After surgery madi and darvin were moved to the 6th floor. Madi was in lots of pain and couldn’t breathe very well so it was quite stressful. Mom spent a lot of time not on the room and Bruce and dillon sat by madi trying to calm her down for hours. In the midst of this I went to the hall for a phone call and I looked up and my love Morgan was coming down the hall towards me♡ I was so surprised!! So we all cried because we were so happy to have him there. They had flown back to San Francisco and he had waited 2 hours and caught the flight for KC so he’d been on a plane 20 out of 24 hours! I felt bad but also not really because it was so so good to have him with us!

Today, Wednesday we spent at the hospital. Darvin is already walking around but madi had a tough day so she took a few steps but that was all. She finally slept today which is just what she needs. And we flew away home at 630 this evening and got I to san fran at midnight. Home by 3 and I teach school at 830 so its gonna be a couple days where I feel like the students don’t learn much. I hated to leave madi when she wasn’t doing totally great yet so I’m worried my mind will be elsewhere. I am so proud of her that she did this for Darvin. Its amazing how it has already helped him! Thank you for your prayers♡ here is madi’s caring bridge page if you’re interested.

Thinking of each of you. And my friends from dewberry and around who have lost a special friend recently. You are in our prayers.


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