i’ve been thinking about the word “today”. I’m sitting on my little couch with my favorite Morgan sitting in the recliner across from me and I’m thinking that today was a good day. “today” brings back memories already etched in my mind of blue skies over Pacific waves, cool breezes through our windows while we drove, and always the joy we both get of seeing other vanagons. We want them all. Any kind of vw bus or vanagon or anything remotely hippie to drive we want to buy and bring home, or at least meet the people driving them and chat and share good things with them. We usually do the latter. Not much buying happens so we settle for making friends on the go. So we drive through tiny seaside towns and on the freeways and we watch green hills go by and look at each other and smile and think “today is a good day.” Sometimes today is a word i look at with regret or disappointment as i realize opportunities missed to share or love or be a friend. But mostly in the evenings when i think about today, I’m thankful.

we had a good weekend around Pismo. we stayed in this interesting place called the Inn at Avila Beach. They serve pie and ice cream every evening, and pizzas at four pm. the rooms are spanish style with hanging beds and jacuzzi tubs and tile everywhere and courtyards and random staircases to get out to your rooms. it was more of a b&b than a hotel. i think we would go back. yesterday we did some driftwood searches and watched the waves and looked at beautiful people walking by while we ate ice cream. I met a man who used to live in Breckenridge, CO (my dad used to live there) and he told me he used to be a bouncer at Downstairs at Eric’s, which is our favorite place to eat in Breck. What a small world. we discussed our favorite kinds of pizza from Downstairs at Eric’s while he sold me some handmade items from his shop and i left with the promise to tell Eric hi from Tad if i got back to Colorado again before he did. We also saw this seal with a baby. Literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The baby seal was on the mamas stomach with its arms around her neck and they were paddling along. I sort of want a seal now. We got home this evening and Jons and Ja came over for nachos and ice cream.

We have had such a busy week and it’s been so fun! Last wednesday we went to Terry and Deana for supper with Jenn, Audrey, and Kendalls. Then Thursday I was trying to organize supper for us and Levi and we got invited to Waylon and Beth’s so we just brought Levi along. on Friday evening we had a family deal at school for David May’s birthday. Went to Jons for coffee after. Last Saturday evening we went to Justins with Brents and Jons. We went early and made ciappino for supper, which is this wine or seafood based brothy sauce stuff which we used with mussels, crab legs, shrimp, scallops, and calamari. You can basically add whatever seafood based item you’d like. Anyways, that with sourdough bread topped it off and it was pretty awesome. Not for the faint of heart or non seafood lovers. Sunday for lunch we were invited to Perrins with Jesse&Tia. In the evening after church Levi came over to make more Italy plans. It’s getting closer!! Wednesday evening was Grandpa Orville Koehn’s 80th birthday party held at the Arnold Barn so we went their and helped celebrate with the Koehns. Thursday was the 100th day of school so my class had a cereal party and brought 100 of something if they chose to. Friday the school divided into teams and ran 100 miles. Luckily we have over 100 students so they only had to run a mile each. Some of the moms served cupcakes and irish sodas afterward.

We have another busy week this week with various things going on and I’m sure all of you do too. Have a safe week. Thanks for the texts:) cheyenne


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