Monday night, the 11th, was supposed to be school board meeting but with some good luck it was canceled. We got to go to Jon&Alicia for supper with Benny&Sharilee and her parents who are visiting, Jerry&Lenora. It was delish.

Tuesday there was no school due to the Tulare Farm Show happening so they actually give us a day off so people can go wander through booths filled with seed and tractors. In the evening we went to folks for supper with Uncle Lowell’s who are out visiting from Alberta, and Uncle Reg’s.

Wednesday Morgan came to school for lunch, which I always love. After school he bought me a pedicure for Valentine’s Day and he sat and got one with me too!:) Then he made this amazing pasta with shrimp, scallops, and white sauce, garlic bread, salad, and gelato for dessert. It was so awesome! A good Valentine’s Day. Thursday was actually the 14th but we had supper plans to go to that evening so we did it ahead of time.

Friday was my Mom’s birthday so i was sad i couldn’t be with her. In the evening we were invited to Ben&Ang for spaghetti with Waylons and Jalens. A super fun evening with useful, honest conversation of course!

Saturday was a relax day definitely. Morgan went skiing with some guys because, if you don’t follow California weather and know this yet, we are having one crazy year for rain and snowfall in the mountains so of course that equals more ski days! I stayed home and caught up on life, deep cleaned, read, practiced Spanish, etc. We went to Uncle Lonnie’s in the evening with the Koehn’s for a birthday supper.

Sunday we went to Uncle Reg’s for lunch with Uncle Lowell’s and folks. We had just finished and Morgan got a call for car found in waterway so we left and spent several hours there at the scene. I suppose because I grew up having my Dad compassionate about people too is where I get this from. But I have issues with the people who have nothing better to do than pull over and get out at accidents and stare and video and gossip. So you can imagine my complete shame when after Morgan said it would be awhile, I got out of the car and went to the side of the road overlooking the creek and watched the process. It ended up with nobody in the car luckily, but I am still dealing with the horror of being the exact person that i can’t stand. I might need therapy.

Monday the 18th, was Ja’s birthday so we had Brents, Jons, and Abe over to folks for supper. The rest of this week has been busy with different things and it has NOT been a good week for me at school. I dont feel burned out, just exhausted from trying to force little minds open wide enough to cram more stuff in. We are also planning for our Open House at school on March 8 if you’re in the area. We are doing a “President” theme with most of the presidents represented along with different people from the span of years we’ve been assigned. I have the World War 1-World War 2 era and since I’ve been to Normandy, Anne Frank’s house, etc., it’s been easy to get enthused. Along with the presidents, my class is also portraying Anne Frank, Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, a boy from Pearl Harbor, a girl from the Dust Bowl, Eleanor Roosevelt, a soldier from D-Day, Joseph Strauss the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, a nurse from the Spanish Influenza, and Al Capone. We are going to set our room up as a museum to walk through with each child as the exhibits and red buttons in front of them so when you push the button, each child will have a piece they say about themselves. It’s gonna be cool! Anyways.

Last night we and levi left after school yesterday and drove out here to scio to see madi. Dillon&Renae flew out here and surprised her too so we are together for the weekend! We went skiing at mt hood and now are on the way to portland again! Shout out to my skier/boarder friends…be safe. today at Hood one guy didnt make it home at the end of the day. Pretty sobering.

We are just missing mom this weekend:( have a safe week everyone!❤


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