Guten tag I guess is the greeting I should give from Switzerland. Mom Yolanda brought us and Levi to the airport Thursday evening after school. We only packed backpacks so we breezed through security in the airport and had a quick meal before our 11 hour flight. We each got a little bit of sleep somewhere after the supper they provide and the before the breakfast. I love airplane suppers. Not that the food is so great, although its tolerable. But everything is nea(T)ly packaged and little spoons and little packets and it’s just cute. For this supper we dined on pasta, rolls, and strawberry cake.

We arrived into Zurich on time and took some time buying train tickets before we left the station. Their central train stations here are all big and ornate and beautiful with big clock towers and tons of little shops and cafes. We got tickets into Zurich and then walked to the Grössmunster Church. It’s quite a nice town with little cobblestone streets and narrow alleys full of shops. The church is big with an underground crypt you can walk through so we went through and the sound was so good that we quick sang a verse of What a Friend we have in Jesus and it echoed so amazingly. Then we stopped at the hostel and dropped our backpacks off before we went to find a place for supper. The man at the hostel recommended a German/Swiss place that was essentially a big lunchroom and you sat with other people wherever there was room. We ended up by a couple from Zurich so we talked to them abit. After supper we rode the train around town so we could see it at night. Stopped to admire the swiss watches and the Opera House and the old bridges. Zurich is really clean and classy with lots of expensive shopping and hip people. Not like winton I can assure you.

We shared our little hostel room with 2 guys, one of them from Michigan “by the Ikea” he told me. So we talked about Detroit and it was fun to meet someone from home. He is actually teaching English in Austria. We were all exhausted so slept early. Now its 4:00 am and were up getting ready to walk back to central station to catch a train to the airport. We fly into Rome at 9 this morning!

Also. I am doing a project with my awesome Grade 5s so if you see random capital letters is parentheses that’s why😁 good luck grade 5!


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