Hey everyone. Last Sunday we went to John and Shars for lunch with a bunch of people. A delightful time. In the evening was singing and Uncle Evans after church with the Koehns for Cadens birthday. This week has been absolutely crazy busy. I’m going to write just a short blog post for the last few days and next week I’ll start my Italy blog posts every day. We leave next Thursday after school so keep an eye out for new posts if you’re interested in following along!

Last night we had our Open House at school. My class hung black sheets around the room to cover the walls and Morgan made stanchions with chain strung between them for the children to stand behind so it looked like an actual museum display. (sort of) The parents had gone above and beyond and the kids all looked so amazing as they each said their little paragraph. At 5:30 last night on the way home from school i suddenly remembered that I also love dressing up so i stopped at Target and found a denim dress and red socks and went home to put together a Rosie the Riveter outfit, complete with denim leggings, boots, red lipstick, and my hair in a red bandana. Some people hadn’t heard of Rosie the Riveter so a brief history is: She was actually a fictional woman whose character represented the women who left the typical housewife mold of the 20’s and 30’s to work in war factories or other jobs men had previously held before the war. Anyways it was fun to dress up for a change. The evening was a lot of work but so worth it for the enthusiasm and excitement of the students!

The other thing i did this week besides Open House was join Curves which is a gym for women. I used to go in CO so i joined here and am glad to be back. One thing i’ve always disliked is coaches who feel the urge to be your constant companion. As i finish the squat machine, one of the tall, 115 pound coaches bounces over to assist me with moves for the resting mat.”Try this one, it’s good for you!” she chirps. I roll my eyes inwardly. I am a beautiful plus sized woman who obviously is not going to be doing the professional bendy moves she is now performing. I decline the attempt while she enthusiastically urges me down on the mat. I watch my life pass before my eyes while she instructs the best positioning for core results. I finish the circuit and as she adjusts her size 0 pants she exclaims, “I’ve really gone downhill since high school!” Well we can’t all be the same size, I think as i pull away for the day to get a cherry limeade from Sonic.

Last night after the Open House the youth showed up at midnight to “pancake” us. Unfortunately I was already sleeping off the worries of the week so I wasn’t involved but I think Morgan said they were around until 2 or so. I was disappointed but honestly i couldn’t have stayed awake. Morgan is mowing today and I’m having a lazy day. I have a sizable To-Do list that needs to be taken care of before Spring Break next week though so I need to get motivated. I just made spaghetti for lunch and tonight I think we’ll be going out for supper with Jalen. I made a packing list this morning which gets me all excited for traveling. YAY! One more week! Have a safe weekend..I’ll see you next week in Italy! Ciaou! Chey


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