cinque terre.

2 letters grade 5!

Thursday March 21

We were up early getting ready to leave our place in venice. The alleys were empty and the pigeons were just starting to coo. We walked to the train station and caught a train to Cinque Terre, a national park of 5 little coastal villages on the northwest coast of Italy. It was a couple hour train ride so I slept awhile. We arrived mid afternoon to La Spezia which is a little train ride from the first of the 5 towns, Riomaggiore. The train runs between the 5 villages so its easy to get around. We went first to our AirBnB that overlooked the sea with a big balcony outside and steps that lead down to the rocks where you could cliff jump. It was a very cool place and the view was unbelievable. The houses fill the sides of the hill in each town and the colors are the brightest we have seen in Italy. We watched the sunset from a terrace here in Rio and stopped for supper at a seafood place on the beach that has actual(L)y been nominated for a Michelin star! It was very good food.

Friday March 23

This morning we were up and ate breakfast here. Actually found cheerios and milk in the little store here so had that. Then we took the train along the coast to the last town of the 5, Monterosso. Spent some time wandering there, then we split up with Levi. Morgan and I went to Manarola next and shopped around and shared a lobster linguini for lunch that was amazing. The water all along this coast is very clear and looks like Caribbean water. There are lots of rocky cliffs but only one little beach in Manorola so hence the cliff jumping.

Morgan and I took the train back to Rio, got gelato, and picked up groceries for supper. They have the (S)ame noodle brand in this tiny store as they do at Walmart at home! We got ravioli and asparagus and bread with olive oil and vinegar. Levi got back and the guys got on their trunks and went cliff jumping. I’m not really scared of heights so I wanted to try too since I had jumped off a shorter cliff in Mexico and itd been awesome. We figured it was maybe 40 feet high so I gave it a try and I think I’m lucky to be writing this. There were rocks the guys could easily clear because they can jump farther out but I was a little worried so I pushed out quite far to jump and ended up landing wrong. It knocked me out so not sure what happened really, except that Morgan and Levi jumped in and hauled me to the cliffs which is when I came to. I’m bruised pretty bad and I almost bit my tongue off and I ache everywhere but I’m doing fine. Wont try this cliff again I guess Haha so I slept then and the guys made supper and we watched the water and the day end and it was a pretty good day♡ keeping this post shorter because I feel sorta meh. This coast is also at the top of places I’ve been. I think we’ll come back here! Gnite!


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