This morning we got our little flat cleaned up and had c(H)eerios and oranges for breakfast. We stood on the terrace awhile and just watched the Italy water because we soon have to leave. Then we walked down all the mazes of steep stairs into the Main Street. We went through the shops and had pizza for lunch before catching our train to La Spezia. From La Spezia we got our last train that took us through green hills and by Spanish style houses and into Rome. We took another taxi ride which are hilarious in Rome and got to the airport. It’s very sad to leave Italy. This trip has been unreal. Houses, pasta, canals, pizza, motos, the sea. Shout out to Cy Schmidt for having the best pizza we’ve had that compares closely to the pizza we’ve had here!

Today I feel rough. Its good the cliff jump was sort of at the end of our trip and not the beginning. We found out this morning the cliff that I face dove off of is actually 53 feet high. I cant move very well today.

We flew into Munich, Germany, at 9 this evening and got a shuttle to our hotel. The airport here is about an hour away from the city so were staying night right near the airport tonight. Just like that with an hour flight we are away from bustling, graffitied, old fashioned Rome and into clean, organized Munich. Such a vast change in cities! We were talking on the plane and we all agreed we didnt ever see a modern building in Rome. Today is Levi’s birthday! We spent most of it traveling kinda towards home. We all got to bed early ish.


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