Well it’s been a month since my last post and lots has happened of course. I put my blog on hold for May because it seems like it’s such a busy month at school. On top of the end of year activities, we moved to a new house! So basically I will start writing again now that stuff is settling down (sort of) and I’ll have time to write.

May l8 which was a Saturday we left early in the morning with Jalen and David and Paul and drove across those snowy Sierras until we came to Lone Pine. We met some of Jalens hiker buds and I liked them immediately although they all stink from not showering much. And one girl I talked to said she hadn’t shaved her legs for 3 months. I guess a dinky frozen mountain stream is less than ideal. We had coffee with some of the people and went to some gear shops before the 5 of us found a campsite outside of Bishop and set up tents for the night. It was nice and breezy while we cooked tacos over the fire. We woke up to cold cold cold and it had snowed all over the mountains around us and Bishop so it was a beautiful thing to wake up to. We packed our gear up and drove over to the hot springs which is honestly the best part. I sat on the rocky bottom of a spring that’s in the middle of grassy flats between mountains and watched the sun on the mountains and watched the moss floating on the water and it was truly glorious. Later dropped Jalen off after we ate lunch. Sad to see him go again!

End of school program was Friday the 24th with each class bringing their part in poetry. My class said the poem “Shut the Door”, a poem Miss Connie Wedel had us learn in Grade 2 there at Copeland! My kids were honestly the cutest. We were invited to stay at the grad party after of two of Morgans cousins graduated. Saturday was play day and it was a very interesting day. I’d never been to a play day here since last year we were at Moms program in Michigan. The games committee had the morning planned with different relays and contests. After lunch the 9th and 10th boys played softball with their dads in a very political game that stressed me out. We spent the afternoon there watching the game and i went home when it was over. Morgan stayed to play abit with young couples and youth. We went to villas for Mexican food later. I am completely stunned that school is over again. I told my students if they were younger or going into grade 5 again I’d teach them but 6th is just too old for me and they all said they wished to flunk and stay in 5th so hopefully they didn’t have toooo tough of a year with me! 😁

Memorial Day was very lowkey. Morgan worked part of the day and we spent the afternoon packing and organizing. We went to folks for a pie iron supper with the Koehns later.

Tuesday morning we finished packing and at 4 Joe’s, abe, Hayden, and Levi came over and helped us move to our new place. Which brings me to the sad news that justin&shenda went away to georgia with their little dog and left us this cute house to move into but also they’re living in georgia now without us and only their cat remains here. So we moved all of our stuff into this new house and Rachel made us this awesome carnitas supper and afterwards I organized our closet and then we sat around our new firepit with the Koehn boys. It was a happy start to our house.

I worked at home today, Wednesday, trying to sort and set up and clean the new house. Morgan grilled pork loin for supper and we had that and wilty green beans. Guess grocery shopping is being forced upon me now that we are moved. After supper we went to Chance&Charity and spent a very fun evening with Melody and Kaden who are our cousins from Scott City and Glen&Charlene who are also out visiting. I always think it’s such a mental boost to be with people who knew/know my family and parents and who I am and where I come from. Sometimes living away from my family makes me feel alone because nobody knows my story here like the people do in places we used to live. Confusing I know.

So we will get settled and I leave on the train next Thursday for a couple weeks in Michigan where Morgan will fly to join me for a few days. I find it so funny I’m taking the train but I’ll be so busy up until when I leave that I thought itd be fun to relax and watch the world go by for a couple days. We also have our tickets bought for Honduras and are leaving June 28 so shortly after we get home from Michigan! Lots of things to look forward to. Have a good week everyone♡


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