This is a prayer request.

Most of you know that my sister, Madison, donated her kidney a year or so ago. The surgery went fine with no complications, but she had several scary times when she couldn’t breathe. That, in turn, caused her to panic so it was a cycle that happened a couple times in the hospital. Last year while teaching in Oregon, she started having what she thought were really bad asthma attacks. She would cough some but mostly she had chest pain and just couldn’t breathe. It happened at first when she would play sports or be active, but then started happening for no reason. She ended up in the ER a couple times, I think, but they just gave her asthma treatments and sent her home.

Over the summer she did some doctoring in Michigan with little results. They started running a few tests but continued to diagnose it as asthma. She was prescribed with a nebulizer at home and was supposed to do several treatments a day but the medicine made her hands and body cramp up so bad that it was hard for her to do it. Mom would have to massage her legs and hands while she did the treatment so she would get circulation back.

She went back to Oregon a few weeks ago to start another school year, but a week ago again started having intense chest pains and couldn’t breathe again. It went on for several days and finally Monday evening Lanae took her into the Albany ER again and they admitted Madison right away. They ran extensive tests so they could rule out as much as possible but so far have not found anything. She has a very high pain tolerance but says her pain has been a 7 for several days without much relief. They have given her Ativan to slow her breathing but nothing has helped so far. She takes very shallow, fast breaths because she’s in so much pain. Her memory was poor yesterday, from the meds I suppose. She slept better for part of last night but woke up this morning from the chest pain and her shoulder is causing a lot of pain now too.

As of 12:30 here, she has been dismissed from Albany because the doctors had done everything they could at a smaller hospital. Val is on her way to Portland with Madison and is taking her to the OHSU hospital ER to see if they can find out more there. (if she goes home and makes an appointment, it could be several months, so the Albany hospital suggested the ER as a faster way possibly.)  If she is admitted this afternoon, I will drive or fly out to Portland. If not, she will have to go back to Mike’s with no help for the pain so we are praying something can be done in Portland.

Our biggest fear is that they will continue to find nothing wrong, and Madison’s is that she won’t be able to make it to Kansas next Wednesday to tell Dillon’s goodbye before they leave. Please pray that we can all be calm and remember that God has a plan, and that the doctors in Portland can find the real problem. Thank you.


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