Morgan, Jalen and I drove out to Kansas. We left the 24th of September and got to Texline the morning of the 25th, where we called and invited ourselves to Uncle Dennis & Aunt Jolene for a quick breakfast before we left for Copeland. Mom and Madi and Ann arrived on Wednesday evening and Dillon’s were there when we arrived. We spent the week mostly relaxing at Max&Rose which is like our second home. Morgan did some riding along in the combine since they were in the middle of harvest. Friday the 27th (also my 28th birthday. gah. please stop time.) we invited a bunch of people over for the evening because we couldn’t get to all our friend’s houses! It was so cool to catch up with old friends and meet new ones (Morgan has class buddies who’s wives I got to meet). Sunday afternoon we all left and went to Central. Dillon’s, Mom, Madi, and Ann went to Halstead to be with Renae’s family because Madi hadn’t seen Darvin since she donated her kidney to him and also Dillon’s are spending some time there before they leave. Morgan and I went to Mark&Melody for supper at Hesston with Dani&Becky (I taught with Dani) and Carl&Marsha (old school board). Then we went to Anth&Treva for the night. Monday we met my family for coffee in Galva and for lunch, we all went to Newton for pizza and Julie and Sebastian met us for lunch! I think Morgan was ready to see a familiar face after all the introductions I’d forced him into:) Then we had to tell Dillon&Renae goodbye which was awful of course. You’d think I’d be better at goodbyes by the age of 28 but noooooo. We went to John&Shar for supper at Inman with Rhett&Mel who I remembered from meeting in youth but hadn’t seen for years so that was a good time. When we left there, we drove to Copeland and picked up Jalen and drove through the night to Center where we ate breakfast at Rhoda’s restaurant at 7 am Tuesday. From there we drove straight through home! With a small supper stop for Navajo Taco’s in Flagstaff. You’re only young once as they say so we’re taking advantage of it.

So we saw a LOT of people and missed way more and I hate that because I have such good friends I would like to have seen but it just wasn’t possible. My apologies. Also come to California. But lots of people had questions about this blog and places we’d been and we encountered some of the same questions quite a few times so I thought I’d maybe do a Q and A on here soon because you’ve maybe wondered the same things?

This month has been crazy. I wrote this a couple weeks ago with the intent to post it the next day but…life happened. I flew to be with Madison for a few days to be her “caretaker” and flew home in time to pack and leave for Kansas for a few days. We also got the news that the house we just moved into is being sold so that’s disappointing. After I got home I was working in Turlock and had an accident and totaled our new “used” vehicle and in the process messed up my hand. This week I’ve been pretty down about it all so I haven’t left the house much, partly because I can’t do my own hair or anything else. It’s the first bone I’ve broken and I AM thankful that was all the worse it was! Does anyone else have weeks like this? Luckily Morgan is the best and has made suppers and helped so much! Tuesday Morgan was in San Diego working so I drove up to Glenn for Anthony’s funeral. Today Mom, Kelli and I went out for lunch to this little place called Grub that was delicious so that cheered me up from it all. Tonight we are going to Canaan&Tara’s wedding ceremony which is going to be beautiful I think. Outdoor ceremonies always are.

Anyways. I’ll be doing the Q and A soon so if any of you have questions about how we travel, apps we use, how we decide where to go, how our travel could work for YOU, etc., please email me at so I can answer your questions! I wish all of you a good weekend!

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