gift guide 2019

I love Christmas shopping. This year I’m trying to make changes like reusing different papers to wrap gifts, making homemade gifts and cards, and buying thrift store gifts or small business gifts instead of Target. (although I’m not opposed:)

So with Christmas coming soon, I had this idea to put together a little gift idea guide for this blog post. I thought it’d be a good time to give some of my friends who have businesses a shout out and maybe boost their shops in the meantime. Of course, these are my ideas so for some of you, this may not be down your line! As always, if you have a question, message me! Feel free to share my blog with friends! thanks♡

Gifts for HIM:

  • Click here to check out Armored Lighting and their products for all of your man’s lighting wants! Use code Somewhere when you check out:)

  • Perfect for your Leatherman carrying family members, this case is made of leather and can be customized! Click here to visit this leather shop.

  • Fresh Maple Syrup with pancakes on these cold winter mornings is something worth talking about. Click here to get Maple Syrup delivered to your door!

Gifts for HER:

  • This little place is so darling. Click here to visit their website and order coffee or pottery that is simply delightful.

  • With cozy coasters and wall pieces for your house or paci clips for moms you know, this store has these and many more items to check out. P.S. I want a lanyard for my car keys.

  • These traditional Japanese lanterns are the perfect gift for you. Useful? ✔. Super cute? ✔. Click here to view these, and more handmade wood items!

Gifts for KIDS:

  • Click here to see the full potential of these fun and totally addicting magnetic Yimers. Honestly. I’ve seen more adults messing with these than kids.