travel interview.

1. How do you decide where you’re going to travel?

  • We really just travel how we live our lives which is by the seat of our pants, so we don’t necessarily have a plan for travel most of the time. Italy wasn’t that high on either of our lists but we found tickets for $280 roundtrip so to Italy we went! Since we budget travel, we usually just go where its cheapest! Like I found tickets to Russia the other day that were cheap and we didnt buy them but… you never can tell where we will go.

2. What are some things you can’t travel without?

  • Morgan. He is the best traveling companion ever.
  • We both bring reusable water bottles with us, and not just for the environment! We have discovered that many cities will require you to pay for any water you request. The restaurants will often charge because the water they do have is bottled so we learned quickly to fill our Hydro Flasks in the morning before we left! We use Hydro Flasks but I have heard these actually do a better job and for much cheaper.
  • Our phones, obviously. We use them sparingly for Google Maps and Google Translate and they have saved our bacon!
  • A good pair of shoes. The first trip we took I was naive and regretted my shoe choice the entire trip. We literally walk miles in a day and good shoes will make or break your entire trip. I haven’t found a specific pair I’d recommend.

3. What is the best experience you’ve had traveling?

  • We have had pretty amazing experiences anywhere we’ve traveled. People are the same all over the world, I’ve discovered. If we talk to them they always talk to us. They are better than any Google suggestion or guide book. But I think I have too many favorites for this question. Some of the best experiences happened with just water and the sun or a good conversation with a lovely gray-haired lady about books or the smells that come out of shops while you ride down gray cobblestoned streets.

4. What are the requirements to travel with you?

  • I laughed at this question. First, you need to be flexible. We decide where we’re going with just ideas of places we would like to hit but are open to not doing them all. We have to give and take. Being flexible also covers things like sleeping in hostel rooms with other individuals you quickly get to know. Sometimes the hostel is full and it’s St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin and you sleep under a plant in the airport. If you like to plan out where you’re staying and every part of the day, you probably shouldn’t travel with us.
  • Secondly, you need to be on a budget. Budget travelers are sort of rare these days. Everyone likes to go to the resorts or Airbnb’s or luxurious cabins. These all have their place but the best way to get the whole experience is to travel cheaply. We buy cheap tickets, take the cheapest trains or buses, and don’t buy trashy souvenirs. We like to find things from the beach or hikes or the odd painting I can’t live without. We eat two meals a day instead of three, usually late breakfast and early supper because food gets expensive. When we stay at hostels for a couple nights in a row, which is rare, we buy stuff for spaghetti or something else cheap and it usually results in saving money and food sharing. If you like to spend money and have set meal times, you probably shouldn’t travel with us.
  • Thirdly, you should be able to pack for two weeks in a backpack you will carry most of the time. This is a tough one, but necessary. If you bring even a carry on roller suitcase, you will have to possibly lug it through the streets as we go because rarely do we spend night in one place and leave our bags. I am so used to bringing only a backpack that it’s the only thing we use to travel anywhere now, weddings and all. Who knew I could change so much? haha. If you like your luxuries and can’t fit them in a backpack, you probably shouldn’t travel with us.

5. What is the best food you’ve eaten?

  • Pizza in Naples, Italy, hands down. Wait. There is also a place called Mediterranean Breeze in Olympia, Washington that is the best Turkish food you will ever eat outside of actually going to Turkey. I wrote about it in a previous post when Morgan&I went up there for a job. If you’re near there you need to check it out!

6. What is a country you want to visit?

  • Mauritania, Africa. Big goddess style women like myself are revered there so that’s basically the only reason I want to go there. I think it’s mostly desert. haha In reality, I just want to see as many places in the world as possible so I’m not really picky at all.

I guess that’s it for now..thanks for reading. Message us if you have any more questions!


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