new year.

Oh, Christmas. It honestly was so fun. My mom and sister (also Madison’s dog, Shasta, who I have no words for, first, cuz she’s cute, but second, cuz she’s a loveable nuisance) blessed us with their presence and our house was busy the entire season! Morgan made supper for the 4 of us the 23rd for our little Christmas. He made lamb chops and potatoes and raspberry brownie and ice cream desserts that was all delicious. We missed dillon&nae so much but we called them and talked for awhile all of us, which made it better. Then we had the Bronson Christmas here on the 24th and went to folks for the Orville Christmas the 25th. I think we had company almost every day though. We cooked and decorated and had such a good time being together and also making new friends and connecting with the old ones. Like some really darling new friends too. Not just normal ones. Haha I drove up to Scio with Mom and Madison and spent a couple days there before Mom left. Madison took us thrift shopping and we had supper at mike&val’s one night. Remember in a previous post when I resolved never to take the train again? Well, Saturday night I spent eating my words while I brought it home to Merced where Morgan picked me up Sunday morning. It wasn’t a whole lot better than my last experience but I’ll just leave it at that.

So it’s the New Year. We didn’t make resolutions at our little house. I mean I made some in my head but that doesnt really count. If 2020 brings us any of the happiness 2018 and 2019 did, we will be set. I am curious, though, how many of you made resolutions, and what did you resolve? One of my resolutions last year was to become more minimalistic in belongings and we definitely carried that one out. I love knowing exactly what I own and where it is and the things I have saved, I love. I haven’t kept anything I thought was gross. It’s great. It will make moving a breeze since March 1 is looming and I have to get in gear and pack my house up yet again. Anyways, I’m hopeful each of you take time sometime this year to get rid of things you literally don’t even know you own. It will make you feel so on top of life.

We have been fielding off a lot of “bus” questions, but not because we hate them. There just isn’t much to report. Morgan got SO much work done in it over the holidays, probably because Mom, Madison, and I were in the house and he didn’t have anywhere else to go. But who cares because the bus interior is looking worse, which is a good sign more things have been torn out of it. We are still working on deciding the interior layout, but have decided on things like, A. We’re going to have a little wood stove. B. Also an outdoor shower. C. We are literally so excited about our bus. Once the demo is finished, it feels like we will be able to get started on the actual build. Since we have to be out of our house sooner than we’d originally heard, we won’t be able to have the bus liveable by March 1 and will have to find something else for a couple months, which is disappointing but hey, that will have its own adventure too I suppose. We are also trying to decide on a good color to paint the outside of the bus. I’m into darkish greens and Morgans into slate blues so maybe you can message us if YOU have an idea because we sure need some!

Uncle Orlan and Aunt Judy from Enderby were here for a couple days this week so we loved being with them again. Morgan and Dad left for Kingman to do some work there the rest of this week so not sure what my week will hold. I went out for lunch with Natalie yesterday and listened into Ballico this evening since they’re in meetings. This Friday evening we start revival meetings at Winton too so keep us in your prayers. Happy week to you ♥