1•28•20.  The plane is stuffy and smells like hard boiled eggs. The captain says we’ll be fighting headwinds and honestly, I’m not surprised. I fight those alot. Especially flying to Alberta for a funeral. Luckily I’m flying with Dan&Natalie so I have my peeps alongside. Mitchell picked me up late Tuesday evening and took me to Gene’s at linden where I was until Saturday. Mark’s, Grant’s, and Mike’s were there too so I had some of my people around me for a few days which was so awesome. Thursday was Venice dears funeral at Swalwell and while I could go into detail, I dont think this blog is the place so i will say two things. One is that I will strive to gain more of the calm, gentle spirit Venice had. And two, pray for the family, especially the girls who dont live near home or their family.

Saturday Vj and I went and spent the day with Cheney at Edberg and then they took me to Grandpa Gary’s out on Red Deer Lake. Uncle Jared and I went snowmobiling one afternoon out on the lake and I absolutely drank in all that pure white snow. I miss the Alberta winter so much. And grandma made good food and we had good talks and it was just super relaxing. We went into Edmonton for a day for grandma to work so I finally got to see Pura Botanicals and all the work that goes into it! For those who dont know, my Aunt Lane and Grandma Cathy are the owners of this amazing skincare business. I got to do some labeling and see the inner workings one afternoon and it was so cool. If you go to Edmonton, look up their little shop. It’s the cutest. And if you’re far away, go to their website and look around. Their products are made with the cleanest products and are so light and non greasy.

I also got to spend some time with Uncle Brydons and the cousins which made me happy. So after spending some time with family, I flew home to Morgan♡ I missed that guy alot while I was gone.

Since I’ve been home we have been packing our house up slowly and are going to rent a tiny storage unit for our table and keepsake boxes etc. that we will keep in storage while we live in the bus. We are moving into folks basement until the bus is livable which hopefully will be May ish. I absolutely cant wait! Wednesday I had to get a tooth pulled of all things. In hindsight, i would not have had this occur the day before we went away for the weekend. Truly a rookie move. But its been going ok and just to keep you informed, the going rate in california for a SINGLE tooth implant is 5,000 dollars. Yep. Guess who will just stick a marshmallow in the gap if I need to smile for all those pictures? Me, because our car is not even worth that amount of money.

This weekend we drove down with folks to Yuma for their annual school fundraiser. I had never been to it before but Morgan and folks have came for a few years. We got there friday morning and spent the day setting up, hauling pies, decorating, and grilling with everyone else. They were so organized after years of putting this fundraiser on that it didnt seem like much work although the people in charge would probably disagree. The people, mostly old, started arriving at 3 to eat and by the time we finished serving at 7, over 800 people had gone through the line. Morgan and i got to serve tables and it was quite interesting. We one hundred percent will come back next year because the whole thing was fun plus the nice Yuma people and the visitors like Dad Davon and Mom Darla and Ron&Delores and Brian Baerg from sweet home Linden and Mick&Cynthia and Van&Gayla from Michigan just made my whole evening even better. Benny&Marj, who have made my Top 10 Couples List (yes its a thing for me to have lists) opened their hearts and home to us haha so we spent some quality time there. 10/10 would stay with them again, and I will spare the details on how Morgan and Benny act when they are together. Marks, Luke’s, Benny’s and us went for tacos Saturday night to some little house that was also part open air kitchen and they were also placed on a list of Top 5 Taco Places. Good evening being with friends!

Today we are on the way home with Jalen in tow and we’re stopping in LA to do some suit shopping because since I last wrote, I am getting a new sister in law in March thanks to Ja. Her name is Danielle From Geiger and I’m pretty excited to have a bud along when we go weekend tripping with Ja. She will do just fine sitting in desert hot springs and riding in the vanagon with us♡ but back to LA. After the whole suit deal, we ate at the Grand Central Market and if you go to LA and eat anywhere else, you’ll regret it. Its this giant, dirty building packed with messy tables and like 20 food booths. Like gourmet-y food. I had pasta, morgan a 5 layer chicken sandwich, jalen a rice bowl, mom in law a ramen bowl, and Dad a hot ham sandwich.

Then we got iced coffees. It’s a gathering of literally everyone and some people eat standing or sitting. I could have people watched all day but we had other stops like fabric shopping at a couple stores and driving through Skid Row and counting our blessings. Go read here about how Skid Row came about. Its fascinating and also really moving to me because I get so caught up in what peoples lives were in the “before”.

Also, my mom had a birthday yesterday, the 15th. Thank you to the little group in Michigan who made her day awesome since we couldn’t be there. You know who you are! This week will consist of Morgan working and me packing and organizing and getting distracted for an afternoon by things I find while going through boxes. Like I got sidetracked when I came across our wedding book and had to read through and reminisce because honestly our wedding was tops. Then I found my Tintin books so you can see how packing takes time if you’re easily distracted. So have a good week everyone. Hopefully I can get more blogging done this month than I did in January!    Chey