Remember how i keep mentioning that life just keeps happening? Well, it’s at it again. Which is good. Saturday the 7th, Morgan and I spent basically the whole day working in the bus and we got so much done! The floor is totally out, all the stickers are peeled off the outside for painting, and we have a wall panel that will take 5 minutes to finish taking out. We are so close to being able to start the actual building and its exciting!Sunday evening we had a couchsurfer come to our basement for night. His name was Etienne from France and we had supper and sat around the fire with him. We are hoping since it’s spring that more couchsurfers will be coming through again.

Monday morning, the 9th, Morgan, Dad, and I left for a job in Arizona. We stayed nights in Gallup and I had planned to do some walking around town but it rained the three days we were there. Tuesday at noon I walked to the bus stop and bought a $2 all day pass and rode the bus all over Gallup, looking out the window at rain running off the neon signs and watching the Navajos get off and on the bus. Wednesday and Thursday the guys spent an hour away at the job site. Their job was out in the Arizona desert, close to the Petrified National Forest. I went one morning with them to see where they were working but it had rained so it turned out to be not as simple as that. Morgan drove the 4×4 and dad and I were in the pickup and the red mud and clay made a terrible time of getting back two miles into the job. The 4×4 was stuck countless times with the three of us pushing it out and we finally gave up on working and spun our way two miles back out. When Morgan and I got back to town we went to a deli and picked up chicken and potato salad and drove out to Church Rock and ate at a picnic table while rain splattered on our brown paper bags and the wind blew through the pines. It was delightful. Thursday afternoon I drove to WindowRock to go see Tianna who’s the cutest pal from Pincher and she showed me around and I got to see some of those beautiful, dark-eyed children peeking at me from around the corners. Then Naomi from Westlock was suddenly there too and I hadn’t seen her for so long and shes truly a darling soul and so I left WindowRock feeling very blessed to have those girls in my life.

We got home Friday evening in time for supper and it was so good to be back in our little basement! Drew&Nic were out from Iriquois so they plus a few more were over for supper Saturday evening. Church was called off for Sunday so that left me feeling restless and uneasy with the state of things. We listened to some singing in the evening which was exactly what I needed.

This week has been crazy with everything up in the air with Jalens upcoming wedding scheduled for this weekend. Lots has changed with the protocols put in place for large crowds, but luckily we are still able to have a small wedding for them tomorrow! I’ve heard of different weddings happening this week and feel for all of the friends and family the virus has affected, wedding-celebration-wise.

I wasn’t sure I’d say much about the whole pandemic thing since I don’t have the insight some of you do. But I will admit I went through a couple days of unease and I was disappointed with how easily I let myself lose sight of Heaven. I muted some WhatsApp chats due to the constant flood of misinformation and doom that I kept getting. I’ve heard so many conversations about it all and so many opinions that I’m already sick of hearing the word coronavirus. But with the uncertainty surrounding us, I think that we have all been placed in this unique position by God to show the world exactly the kind of peace and rest they crave. He knew all this was coming long ago and that’s so comforting. He knew i’d be fearful and that I’d lose sight of what I’m here for. But He also knew I would remember I’m a child of the King and that maybe through it all, I can somehow point someone to the One who is in control. I hope so. Each of us is having this opportunity and I think that’s so amazing. Let’s be filled with God and Courage and the thought that we are here to lead people to Him. Lets please remember Dillon&Renae in prayer..all missionaries actually. They feel so alone with really no healthcare in many countries and also wanting to be home with family. Love to each of you.♡

P.S. if you are interested, add me to your contacts and message me so I can add you for status updates. Or just to message! I think I have friends who read this that I’ve lost numbers for or lifes just moved on…I want to hear from you! My number is 989-534-6178.