moving on.

Yay! We are officially moved out of our house! Friday we finished hauling the last stuff, including our bed, and our darling school bus that just purred right on over to folks backyard, so we had our first sleep in “our” (folk-in-laws) new basement. Due to unfortunate flooding a few months ago, or fortunate, depending how you look at it, the basement has been redone and it is lovely. There isn’t a kitchen so we’ll be using the one upstairs but otherwise I think we’ll be pretty much set. We even have a private entrance! There’s also extra rooms if you want to come visit. The train runs behind the house so we fall asleep to the train whistle and the wheels on the tracks. My dreams are full of free spirited hobos with rucksacks and bandanas riding west in an open boxcar. Does life get any better? ♡ I’ve decided that sounds fun. Too bad I’m so far west there’s really nowhere I can go.

This weekend Mike&Maxine and Destinee Schartner stayed here at folks’ too. Destinee is marrying Ben Curran from Ballico so they are out visiting so the house has been a busy place. Yesterday morning I went to a bridal shower some ladies had put on for her. It’s a good time for a bridal shower because the almond trees are blooming everywhere so it makes everything look quite romantic for a change with the little white petals covering the ground and falling with the slightest breath of air. To quote Anne of Green Gables, “dearest Snow Queen. I accept your token offering. Had I a book, I would press these sacred blossoms between it’s pages…” That being said, it’s been 80* here for a couple days already so winter and spring were short-lived much to my dismay.

Last Sunday afternoon Morgan took me on a drive up into the foothills. It’s very dry already so it wasn’t green really but we still had some good views. We went and checked out a place beside a river where we want to camp in the next couple weeks. I feel like I should clarify that “camp” in this case means to throw sleeping bags on the ground and sleep under the stars since the vanagon is still a work in progress. Anyways we found a good place so I’m looking forward to it. It seems like a place that could have seedy people camping there too, but also that would mean they probably have guns and torches to scare the wild things away.

Today I went with Morgan to the Bay area where we had a job so while he surveyed, I sunned myself on a warm bench and watched smart, Silicon Valley people scurry around. It was intriguing because those people are a different type let me tell you. They didn’t seem like the type to laugh if I went up to them while they were getting into their Tesla and kidded them about their hairstyle. I made up stories about them while I sat in the sun. The job didnt take long and then we came home and ran errands like tax stuff and haircut and post office. This is why our bus might take awhile because LIFE. Morgan had fire meeting tonight and I am trying to get my thoughts out here. Due to living in one room in a basement, my housekeeper status is basically non existent. I honestly hadn’t thought about that aspect of living in our bus but cleaning will be a breeze. The two of us and one room just doesnt take much to keep up which I’m fine with because that leaves me time to do cool things like write letters or get a job. Haha

I wish I could hear from each of you whether I know you or not. Im considering putting my phone number on one of these days so you can message me and also get notified by my status if I have a new blog post. Have a good week! Chey.