in which we get sick.


10/09/20–Friday after school, Mom, Morgan, and I left California and headed east. Cheney and Tanner’s reception was at Dalhart Saturday evening so with driving straight through for 19 hours, we managed to make it there by mid afternoon Saturday. We dropped Mom off with Rhoda and then drove to Tanner’s cutesy house. We got to spend a little there and reconnect with old friends before heading over to Andy&Jenn’s to practice our trio for the reception. Tyrell who is Tanner’s bro and Diane Ratzlaff and I practiced and then Morgan and I went to Tyrell&Katrinas where we stayed for nights. 10 of 10 will go back there for nights again. Anyways, the reception was nice and I got to see lots of old “family’ and friends. Sunday we spent the day at Andy&Jenns basically just eating and hanging out and catching up and singing. It was such a happy day. Monday morning we picked up Mom at 5 and headed back towards California. We stopped in Gallup on the way through and dropped off Starbucks for all the girls which was fun. And I got to see Shaylee and Kenzie who are there from Linden area and it was nice to add more Alberta people to my “recently seen” list. We wish we could have stayed longer, but Morgan had a job to do out in the Arizona desert so we spent a few hours bouncing over sagebrush and small boulders. I got out a few times to look for flowers and admire the rocks but mostly we were in the vehicle working. We got home at 3 or so in the morning and I was so glad we’d had such a good weekend. I got sick Tuesday evening and have been since then so I skipped the Baby Shower i was supposed to help with Thursday morning, and canceled the Fall Supper that Mom and us were going to put on Thursday evening so that was disappointing. In the meantime since we are stuck at home, we are making plans for our Chili Cook-Off that will be held next month hopefully. I’ve done lots of sleeping and fevering and definitely have no taste and smell sooo we think its Cov*d. Boo.

Well I started writing this a couple weeks ago and just got on here again. Yesterday Morgan and I drove up to Angels Camp and met some skoolie people! Its crazy, but it was actually the first time we had actually been inside another school bus house. They were a really neat couple around our age and they gave us some useful ideas for going forward with our build. We were stoked to meet some fellow skoolie people and will probably run into them again while we are traveling somewhere! They upgraded their batteries and were giving away their used ones, which we got from them and will use for the time being since we will be plugged into shore power for the first while and won’t be boondocking alot which is mostly what they do right now.

So like I said before, we had Cov*d. And I thought I’d write a little about it because people have messaged us about symptoms and so on so if you aren’t interested, move along. We personally weren’t super worried about catching it, but now that its over I’m relieved so I guess I must have been more worried than I thought. The unknown part of it is scary. Mom and I started with fatigue and the second day got fevers. I ran fever for 4 or 5 days and the highest it got was 104. Mom came out of it sooner with head congestion and it took me longer. I slept off terrible headaches for 2 days straight. Morgan got hit around the 5th day we were sick and had only a tiny spot of fever and otherwise dealt with fatigue and lightheadedness and headaches. It took about 8 days for me to feel better enough to like go outside and sit and things like that. Morgan and Mom took a few days less than that and now we are back pretty much to normal and we are so thankful.

Our bus of course has been on standstill since we got sick but we have started back working there this week abit. We ordered this b e a u t i f u l black tile for the floor that I can’t wait to get in, and our sweet little fridge arrived a couple days ago too. We went with a little smaller fridge because the one we had originally wanted was out of stock indefinitely. We also had ordered baskets from West Elm that will be our “dresser” drawers. They came this week also so we have one here at the house and are packing it with clothes to see how much room our clothes will actually take. Both of us only have 4 ish pairs of shoes each and we’ve been working on downsizing our clothes too. Is 4 pairs of shoes too many for you, or do you have lots more? I never ask people about how many shoes they own, or more importantly, how many they own but never wear. Maybe I should ask more🤷‍♀️

Its beautiful and sunny and 70 degrees and I’m happy to be alive. The tree in moms front yard is changing color a tiny bit and it’s about as much as stuff does around here so we know it’s fall. The sunsets have been swell the last couple weeks too. I’m going for an orchard walk which I tried to do yesterday but partway home two dogs came out of the canal and snarled so I cut it short. I guess I’ll try again. Stay safe, friends.♡


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