Christmas Gift Guide 2020

These cloth table napkins are basically the perfect gift. This shop has a few different options if you aren’t a fan of this color, which you should be because it’s my favorite. Bonus that this little shop owner is a favorite person of mine. Visit the store HERE.

This wall hanging makes the perfect accent for your Christmas decorations. This shop has lots of different song options for you to choose from. A classic piece for Mom or Grandma! VISIT STORE to see all the options.

Signs. Basically a staple for a Mennonite house. These signs are well made, beautiful, and support a dear friend’s small business! Best of all, she has lots of options for you to choose from and even does custom pieces especially for you! CLICK HERE to shop.

This lovely stuff is made in Canada with completely pure products and is the perfect gift option for someone who’s into skincare. I’ve personally watched what goes into these and you could basically eat them. Haha. But don’t. There’s also travel sized for a stocking stuffer, and a line for children if you look around on the website. Click the link to check it out! VISIT STORE.

This Kubb game is the ultimate gift for the man in your life. It provides hours of entertainment with family and friends and even comes with a carrying case for you to haul it to your next picnic. CLICK HERE to inquire.

Perfect for a Man Cave, a garage, or office, these metal signs can be customized to suit you. The best part is that there lots of options for everyone, not just the men! Visit the shop HERE.

The wooden bowls from this shop are something to write home about. They are perfect for popcorn, or chips, or as a catch-all for Dad’s desk. You can also custom order a variety of cutting boards and utensils, so CLICK HERE to go take a look!

We all know coffee isn’t just for the guys, but its the perfect gift for them if you have their name for Christmas. This coffee company is well-known and loved here locally, and they offer different flavors as well as a subscription. Coffee lovers unite! CLICK HERE to visit their store!

Isn’t this just the neatest? Its such a cool gift for a mom-to-be, or those babies whose names are stuck in the family drawing. Look no further because this store has soothers, these adorable gyms, and baby swings, to name a few. Visit the store HERE.

I dont think it gets any cuter. Unless you would see this mouse with leggings on, which you can if you visit THIS STORE. They have different animals and clothes and they are honestly so cool.

This fire truck puzzle is one of many in this store. These simple, wooden puzzles are the perfect gift for any young kids and are basically the gift that keeps on giving since they’ll probably last forever. CLICK HERE to see your options.

These hats. Oh my. So many options and so cute. Those little fluffies on the top are just perfect. These would be perfect stocking stuffers, too. This shop owner has several different items, all equally just right for Christmas gifting. CLICK HERE to visit the shop!


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