Days 2 + 3

it’s a sign.

Tuesday, July 6- We drove through the most beautiful canyon on our way from Ogden, UT, into Eden where Uncle Dean and Aunt Carolyn live. A fitting name for the place. The bus chugged over the steep pass and we crested the summit to find a darling green valley with trees and grasses and surrounded by mountains. Uncle Deans live up on the side of the hills with a view of the valley that is so pretty. Aunt Carolyn had enchiladas ready for us when we arrived and after supper we went touring around with Uncle Deans looking at the giant houses and deer and turkeys roosting in the trees. They have a ski slope right up the road, and there’s land selling for $390,000 an acre. Its prime. We slept in the bus and it was bonus that it actually cooled off there in Eden for the night unlike our stop in Nevada the previous night. There haven’t been any bugs to speak of, but we are also still where it’s dry and crusty. (We did see Mormon crickets, or rather ran over them for several miles through Utah. Absolutely disgusting.)

Mormon Cricket

Wednesday, July 7- We had casual breakfast and left Uncle Dean’s around 9:45, headed out towards Morgan and Cheyenne:) (i had that sign on my status earlier so maybe you saw it.)

We are having a fun day driving. We hit up Caffeinated Cowboy in Evanston, WY, for coffee and the MOST delicious huckleberry, cream, vanilla,7up drink ever. Wyoming is green which is a pleasant surprise from the other times we’ve been forced to drive through it. We stopped in Fort Bridger, a historic site, and rooted around there in history for an hour or so. We discovered Wyoming’s first schoolhouse so that seemed fitting for us.

A group of guys met us on a trail and what should we see but a “It’s a Bronson thing” shirt so we had a moment of bonding with a Bronson man from Utah. We also met the coolest older couple, Paul & Anita, who are volunteers at Fort Bridger for the summer. We had a good long talk with Anita in the blacksmith shop before she sent us up to the museum to meet Paul who loves history. I think we’ll look them up again when we come through, whenever that will be. Sandwich lunch before we hit the open road of Wyoming again.

We got to Rawlins, Wyoming, in decent time and found a cool little RV park where we could stay and charge up batteries and stuff for tomorrow. Morgan got the grey tank hooked up and I cleaned up in the bus. It gets quite dusty when we drive with the windows down all day. Then we took the ebikes out for a spin on the teeny downtown. Hit up Family Dollar for some staples and had supper out this evening at a place called Big Mike’s Steakhouse. Unfortunately, we locked one of our ebikes up and only have a set of keys for the other bike so we rode back to the bus and are working on finding a solution. We played a round of mini golf and watched the sunset. I understand that I talk about sunsets alot but they are just one of my favorite things, especially out here in the wide open spaces. Also we didn’t really play mini golf but we did kind of hit the balls around. Another skoolie pulled in while we were playing golf so afterwards they (Daniel&Andraya are their names) came over with their two kids and their dog and we met them and had a good chat. And of course since it’s a small world, Andraya and I figured out that we are both from around Alma, MI. It’s so fun meeting people with a connection. Their skoolie is a “toyhauler” which means that they live in the front part of their bus and the back half is cut off into a flatbed so they can carry a vehicle or dirt bikes or whatever. So we explored each others buses a little and got to know them and we hope to run into them again at some point because they are so cool.


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