Colorado > Nebraska

July 8- Morgan made breakfast tacos this morning and we were on the road by 8. We stopped for some things at Walmart, and then grabbed coffees at Mukwano Coffee there in Rawlins. We drove through lots of road construction and traffic and little rain showers today it seemed like. Morgan and i had almost forgotten what rain on the road smelled like and we have enjoyed every drop. We stopped in Laramie at a locksmith to see if they’d unlock our bike but that was a dead end so we found a guy named Jeff in Cheyenne that got it done for us so we’re good to go again. We pulled up to his house and out he came to get it fixed, and he also told us he doesn’t know where he falls on the religion food chain but that he’s born again so it doesn’t matter.

Our first stop in the Windsor, CO, area was to stop and see Lola and Heather but unfortunately Kyle was working so we couldn’t see him. We had such a good time seeing them and catching up and goodness I do miss those people. Then we headed to Clay+Alyssa where we had delicious food and parked our bus for the night. A little thunderstorm came through so we all sat it out in the bus for 15 minutes. I have so missed the sound of thunder. Morgan and Clay took the bikes out for a rip and then Alyssa and I went cruising around for abit.

July 9- We left Clays this morning at 730 and drove out to Josh and Holly’s house because she is my cousin and I hadn’t seen them for a long time and plus also we wanted breakfast. The waffles and turkey sausage did not disappoint, and Morgan and I were bummed that we couldn’t spend more time there or at least go swimming but the road was calling.

I dont know if you’ve driven between Windsor and Grant but it’s a pretty boring road with empty wheat fields and something called the Pawnee Buttes that we didn’t stop at but I didn’t really know if Buttes could be a thing here anyways. It is so green everywhere here, just like in Wyoming, so it’s beautiful driving as far as that goes. stopped at J and L Cafe for lunch in Sterling and that was cool and delicious. Morgan had a sausage and Swiss cheese and saurkrat brat that was so good. I took a turn driving for awhile but I got tired of fighting the wind so Morgan got to then. Theres a chance of thunderstorms tonight at Grant and I strongly dislike hail so keep me in your thoughts should hail arise.

Little Bluestem

We had to stop for groceries in Grant, and then i wanted to see Sonyas Cafe called Little Bluestem so we got some of the best iced caramel lattes we’ve had this trip. Would rate 8.4/10 and it is the cutest litte place that i urge you to try. We were parked on a side street there and some darling people came by and took a tour of the bus and were excited because they live in a tiny house in Grant! Then we were excited and had to drive by their place and check it out and it is so cute! So that was a fun thing. We got to Ryan & Lonetta in the late afternoon and Morgan went touring around their amazing vegetable farm “The Prairie Garden” while I went inside and got to know Anne and Theodore and caught up with Lon. We all went to Jerry & Minnie for a kabob supper and homemade ice cream. Mama Mary was there too, and then some of my old students stopped by to say hi and to see the bus so I spent the evening feeling old. Steve&Eva, Tom&Marsha, Elkanah&Kendra, and Tyson&Mia stopped in too. And Nathan&Maria were out visiting too which was so cool that we could randomly meet up with them here. Anyways we had such a good time catching up with everyone. Before bed a little storm came through (the dark blue storm clouds here are exactly the color of our bus) so we listened to the wind whistle which was something I hadn’t heard for awhile.


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