Kansas to Michigan

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July 9- We were up at 5 am so we could be on the road in decent time. We wanted to stop in North Platte where Ryan & Lonette go to farm markets so we got there when they were opening up. They have such a beautiful display with all their bright veggies so of course we bought stuff for the road. Morgan drove most of the way out to Copeland, and I slept.

I tried to decide what to write about our Kansas stop but it mostly consisted of Mennonites and meals so it might bore you. We had a wonderful time being with our people. Lots of family and friends stopped in to see us and the bus, and we had meals at Max’s, Daymon’s, Jordan’s, Bruce’s, and Cody with assorted friends at each place. It was such a ruckus of fun. On our way out of Western Ks, we stopped at Boot Hill in Dodge City to watch the gunfight, drink sasparilla, and to view the ancient artifacts left by my Native American ancestors.

Boot Hill

From there we drove to Central and did NOT spend enough days. We spent some time with Anth&Treva, Olin&Kat, Mark&Melody and family, John&Shar, and Rhett&Mel, plus some other quick connections. We got a condensed Inman Museum tour from John which was SO interesting and we could have spent alot more time there.

We left John & Shars yesterday morning at 6 and met Mom and Madison and drove out towards Sedalia, MO, where Morgan’s cousin Rachelle and Terril live. We all had lunch at the Ox Horn Market and our best Ann came from Versailles to meet us too which made us so happy. We got drinks at Ozark Coffee Co. where Rachelle works before we left. We drove in rain all day yesterday and one minor thing we didn’t plan for or have the chance to try out in California were our windshield wipers. We have discovered as of yesterday that they do not work. We had to pull over at one point but mostly we’re high enough that it’s not too bad and we can see okay. We stopped early last night somewhere in Missouri because of storms and Mom and Madison got a hotel room. We went out to Cracker Barrel for supper and had a relaxing evening doing nothing which has been rare.

July 16- This morning at 7 we hit the road. Our bus feels damp and nasty. I mean it looks fine. I’m just not used to the humidity. We drove in more rain until noon so the windows had to be closed and it got stuffy and foggy in the bus. Have I mentioned it’s humid? Anyways spirits are high since we’re close to “home.” Mom and Madison are going to get to Dillon’s this evening but Morgan and I and the bus will get there tomorrow. Tonight we are parked in a Home Depot lot and hope we won’t get booted out. What’s life without sleeping on the edge tho right?


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