Art Ideas from Enderby teachers.

Lamb Pillow

Notes: I tried yarn for stitching, but it was too thick to pull through the fleece. I used fleece for the body and dollar store felt for the ears, mouth, and legs. For lower grades, the legs, mouth, and ears should be tacked on or sewn ahead by an adult. -Rosemary Ratzlaff. Follow the Pinterest link here👉

Paper Airplane Challenge

Notes: I made one of these out of canvas and drew the points on. Every so often I’ll have the students make paper airplanes and spend the rest of art period trying to get their planes to fly through the holes. They sometimes make multiple planes, trying to get a better build, and some students keep them over until the next time I pull out this project. They love it!

Singing Children

A favorite in the winter. Copy Christmas song, cut out toque and mittens. I have used fabric for both of those, or paper. Cut out face and hair, draw on face, and assemble. These are some my Mom did for one of her art classes.

Winter Children

Notes: Cut coat and mittens out of cool patterny paper. I drew braids for the girls, and used whatever color hair the students each wanted. Glue cotton balls on and add eyes. Use a small coffee filter for the coat hood.

Magazine Silhouettes

Notes: Print silhouettes, cut and glue magazine strips, and cut out. Put on construction paper for an easy project.


Notes: I drew dots on the back of the tires and we pulled yarn through with a yarn needle. -Rosemary Ratzlaff

Lace Landscape

Notes: On your choice of background, cut white snowdrifts , draw tree trunk silhouettes, add in a cozy house or two, and cut circles of different laces for the snowy treetops.

Color by Number

Notes: These pictures took a couple art periods to complete since they are very detailed. Morgan used this book from Amazon for his Grade 8 & 9 class. 👉 http://Color Quest: Extreme Coloring Challenges to Complete

Tie-Dye Turkeys

Notes: Start with markering your coffee filters since they will need time to dry before you glue things on. I have found that Crayola washable markers work the best. They don’t need to color every bit of the white coffee filter because once it’s sprayed with water, the colors bleed and spread. I have the turkey body, legs, and beak ready to cut out and glue on when the coffee filter has dried. I usually lay the filters on a piece of cardboard to spray, then move them off the cardboard to a table to dry faster. If I start art class at 2:15, they are usually dry by 2:45 so the students can quickly finish gluing things on.


Notes: -Amy Penner


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