school meetings & Christmas greetings

Jasper views

So, Tuesday the 9th we left for school meeting in Crooked Creek with Amy and Rosemary. We spent the night in Valemount and arrived in CC in time for supper Wednesday evening. We even got our school Christmas program planned while we drove. Morgan and I spent nights at Chuck&MaryJo Reimers, who we sort of knew but on the other hand didn’t know at all and now we do and we absolutely loved them. Crooked Creek (actually they are the Rosedale congregation I think. Like does anyone even know that? I didn’t.) congregation were excellent hosts and we had delicious food and listened to inspiring talks by school board and teachers until Friday at noon. I got to see so many old friends that I had known in my previous Alberta life and that was just an inspiration to catch up.

Everyone departed mostly for home then, but Morgan and I turned off our mature teacher brains and switched over to wedding mode because Friday evening was the supper thing at school (for Kelsey and Jordyne’s wedding) in which I got to see some of my favorite people and also add to my favorite people list. Saturday morning was a couples brunch and the local couples spoiled us all with delicious food and coffee and a very fun morning catching up with old friends and visiting with new ones. I was thriving in the crowd of course. And I must say that there are just such nice couples from BC to Alberta to Manitoba that I talked with and it was just so fun. Saturday evening was the wedding and Kelsey and Jordyne were lovely and so was the butter chicken we had for supper. Came home and got a bad cold because why have a week with no sleep and all fun without a consequence? haha

If you’ve been to Crooked Creek, I guess you know that the best donuts on earth are here.

Last Sunday Morgan had a chance to go do some CDR flood work by Merritt so he was gone all day. I went to Randy&Cindy for lunch with Eric’s and Carl&Nora and had a relaxing day. I didn’t mind getting some alone time in:) This week we had Friday off for report cards so Morgan split some wood that day while I did some shopping. We stayed late working at school a couple evenings, and Friday night went to Uncle Orlin’s for supper and wonderful chats. One night we took pizza up to Lance’s and played Crokinole and Rook on Rook off all evening so that was a blast. And since we hadn’t played Crokinole enough, we stopped in at Carlos&Jodi’s to play some with the kids and also have coffees. Tonight we had Parent Teacher Conferences which I’m relieved to have over with, although my parents are so cool. It makes all the difference in a school year!

We have another busy week planned, and it seems like the days get more packed until Christmas. Saturday evening my class is putting on a supper for the parents for their Christmas gifts so that will take up a lot of the week. How to plan for 8 busy students to help make food in a kitchen without using too many band-aids or too much drama? Tips welcome. I always love doing it with my students though, and we make a day out of it and have a good time. Morgan is doing the same thing except his is the week after mine. I do have my student gifts wrapped and at school and the school programs are sent home to practice so at least we have a couple things checked off the list.

It probably seems like I talk about the same things every post and in reality, it seems like life settles into a routine when you teach school. We like it. The snow makes us happy. It’s rained off and on the last couple weeks but the snow is still around. Every Thursday morning we make a Timmy’s run and get coffees to bring to Amy and Rosemary. Even this is a routine and im a fan. We have some fun news that I will share next time if all goes as planned. Keep us in your prayers while we navigate school! Xo Cheyenne B.


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